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Saturday 14, Jan 2012

  Steroids claim fume former All Blacks

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Jack Ralston, the New Zealand Rugby Union’s head of sales and marketing between 1997 and 1999, made an allegation in his yet-to-be-released biography, The Sports Insider, the Press reports.

The steroid-taking allegations on Former All Blacks fumed the team.

“He has cast aspersion on a lot of people and I can say that during my time with the team I saw none of that,” ex-captain Taine Randell told Fairfax.

Friday 30, Dec 2011

  Two All Blacks accused of steroid use

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In a new book by Jack Ralston, the former coach of Olympic gold medalist Hamish Carter, two All Blacks in the 1990s have been accused of taking steroids.

“People might be stunned by this but I know at least two All Blacks in the 1990s who responded to demands that they bulk up by taking steroids,” Ralston revealed in an early edition of his biography The Sports Insider.

Ralston added he “never saw” any All Black ingesting steroids.