what-makes-the-nba-proudIt feels like so long ago when the NBA was studded with scandals and tattoo-laden players, when its athletes were known for their recreational drug abuse and their cool gangster attitudes. If there is something Major League Baseball can learn from the NBA, it’s that the steroid-tainted scandalous time it is having now too shall come to pass. Baseball had started as one of the cleaner sports and now is only widely known for several performance enhancing drug cases. Basketball, on the other hand, has passed this stage and has moved on to a suspicion and steroid-free state that is worth celebrating in the recent NBA All-Star game.

Chauncy Billups admitted that there is no need for anabolic steroids in the world of basketball. The sport is a mental game amidst all the running and dribbling. Players don’t have to have those big bodies like in wrestling or the strength of baseball players. The NBA should be grateful for this. Because now, when great players like Kobe and Shaq and LeBron take on the spotlight, nobody will be asking if they had used steroids. Everyone will know that those skills are from raw talent, nothing more, nothing less.