New anabolic steroid alternative claims it is better than anabolicsPermadrol is an anabolic steroid alternative originally created as a testosterone therapy pill for men with low testosterone level. It has recently been introduced in the US marketplace, although FDA has not officially endorsed this product.

Permadrol is manufactured by Wesley-Adams but has been discovered by the underground bodybuilding community. It is legally sold in the US in some clinics and gyms but not in stores like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe-like stores.

Permadrol, however, must be used in conjunction with a nutritional and exercise program and must not be used for prevention or treatment of a disease.

The product is specifically designed for men with low testosterone levels, especially those 35 years and older. This product intends to combat effects of low testosterone levels such as decrease in muscle mass, lack of energy, decrease in bone density, low confidence, lower sex drive, depression, fatigue, and low muscular and sexual performance.

Aside from increasing testosterone levels, Permadrol is also used by bodybuilders to counteract the side effects of steroid cycle.

It works the same as the drug Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). It signals the body to produce more testosterone. Additionally, Permadrol’s effect to the body is more natural and therefore, it exhibits lesser side effects to users.