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Do steroids cause violence?

The short answer is: NO! The long answer is it’s not likely. Anabolic steroids are just a derivative of the hormone testosterone, which your body produces naturally as a male (and even to some extent as a female). Thus, saying that anabolic steroids are this harmful to you is akeen to saying drinking urine (urine being another natural product of the body) will make you hannibal lecter. The truth in the latest study released about steroids is skewed. It seems the researchers love the lime-ligth but forget to talk about reality of the study they present.

In the first sound bite these “steroid researchers” put out about anabolic steroids, they stated on Reuters:

Young men who use anabolic steroids are twice as likely to engage in violence than those who do not use the muscle-building drugs, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.

While many scientists believe anabolic steroids — synthetic drugs related to male sex hormones — are linked to aggressive behavior, research has been limited. Some users refer to so-called “roid rage” fueled by the drugs.

After this, they back off their statement, in the SAME study, and say there is NO PROOF that anabolic steroids increase violence, so which one is true?

The study’s design did not allow researchers to conclude definitively than steroids were the cause of the increased violent behavior, he said.

The truth is somewhere in the middle, just like anything in life. Steroids are a hormone and, when used, should be used with extreme caution and knowledge. This, of course, goes for everything in life, take sleeping pills for example – and you know what abuse of sleeping pills can equal to. If you take 50 sleeping pills, you’re dead, that’s right, dead! So, steroid abuse is steroids, VERY serious, but so is every other form of abuse in the world.

The overall problem with this study is that it is flawed and bias towards proving somehow that steroid use causes violence, which it does NOT.

Beaver’s team looked at data on a nationally representative sample of 6,823 young men who were tracked from 1994, when they were in middle school or high school, through to 2002.

The men who used anabolic steroids either in the past year or at any time in their lives were about twice as likely to have committed at least one violent act in the past year than men who never used them — even when statistically accounting for other drug use or prior violent tendencies, Beaver said.

The men who were supposidly followed from 1994-2002, should have been using anabolic steroids 24/7/365, but they were not.  Even if they took 1 tablet of dianabol , they were part of this study.  Isn’t that medically inaccurate? where is the placebo? where is the test group with other drugs?  Let’s face it, what if 1/2 of those guys were heavy users of methamphetamine, wouldn’t that matter? or recreational drug users? or violent offenders BEFORE the study? do we know these facts? NO! because this is all done to get a soundbite and fame, not to present reality to the public.