no-doping-steroidsTwo Australian athletes will be facing a two-year ban from their respective sports. Weightlifter and former sprinter Jane Dike and sprinter Andrew Muhlhan were identified by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) to have tested positive for anabolic steroids banned in sporting competitions.

Muhlhan raised the fact that the timing of the test was not within international standards of sample collection. He protested the charge by ASADA and raised this argument in court. ASADA, however, submitted an appeal to the Australian Federal Court and eventually managed an overturn.

ASADA is Australia’s doping control authority. Richard Ings, ASADA’s chairman, hopes that steroid testing will continue in Australian sports and that the investigations would serve as legitimate control over performance enhancing drugs. ASADA used target testing on Muhlhan. This means that he was chosen based on abnormal biological parameters (blood and steroid profile), injury, sudden changes in his career, or sudden improvement in his performance. Unfortunately for Australian athletes, ASADA can conduct tests whether a few hours before the competition or completely outside the competition