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Friday 06, Mar 2009

  A-Rod Starts Anew with the Dominicans

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A-Rod Starts Anew with the DominicansAs Alex Rodriguez alighted from the vehicle that took him to the his first batting practice with the Dominicans in Jupiter, Florida, he sported a look that said he was putting the past behind. Clad in red, white, and blue uniform he was starting anew with the Dominican Republic team. He brought along with him his ex-wife Cynthia, Natasha his eldest daughter and 10-month old baby, Ella. Like a scene out of a reality TV show, Rodriguez giving the public a glimpse of his private life.

Fresh from Sunday’s meeting with the Major League Baseball Officials on the steroid scandal, the spotlight remain focused on Rodriguez. So far he is the most interesting player in the World Baseball Classics.

Another personality in the steroids case is Angel Presinal, former trainer of the Dominican Republic Team. He has been banned from working with the team because he allegedly supplied steroids to the players.

The Dominicans did not make a big deal about the issues surrounding Rodriguez’s involvement with steroids. Alex commented that he felt more comfortable playing on the field where he could concentrate on the game and not on the drugs. The team’s goal now goal is to win in the WBC.

Thursday 26, Feb 2009


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ortiz-answers-questions-about-presinal1After the scandal involving Alex Rodriguez’s steroid use, several other names have come out. One of these is Angel Presinal who used to be the athlete’s trainer. David Ortiz of the Houston Red Sox is presently being questioned due to his ties with Presinal. Presinal is a trainer who has been banned from any of the Major League Baseball teams since he was indicated in an incident back in 2001 where an unmarked gym bag filled with anabolic steroids. According to Ortiz, he has known Presinal for several years at a professional basis. They had worked with each other in a training facility near his house and Ortiz claimed that the trainer did not suggest that he use steroids ever.

According to Ortiz, Presinal trains a variety of athletes ranging from marathon runners to baseball players to basketball players. He doesn’t know if Presinal has been advising his clients to use steroids. Still, the trainer teaches them how to work out and do exercises properly.