mma-steroids1Michael Bisping’s gym is now in another type of arena as it leads the fight against use of anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs in the sport.

Wolfslair MMA gym in Widnes wants to prove to the followers of the sport that its fighters are not involved in steroid abuse.

American Chris Leben tested positive for the stanozolol following his encounter with Bisping. The American fighter got suspended for nine months and was asked to pay the fine amounting to a third of his fight purse by the UFC. Leben lost to Bisping in points in at the UFC 89 that took place Oct. 18.

Wolfslair owner Anthony McGann stated: “With regards to steroids in the sport, we go one step further than the UFC and test internally. We test in-house before fights. Not because we think our fighters are taking anything but because we don’t want to get tarred with that brush.”

Aside from Bisping, other notable charges of the gym include Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Cheick Congo.

McGann along with another MMA fan Lee Gwynn have been able to establish Wolfslair as UK’s premier training ground for high-level MMA fighters. Not bad for something which has started as a hobby for both its founders.