Appetite-stimulating Hormone to guard Muscle against AtrophyResearchers have found a potential new form of treatment to help patients fight against the common ailments of muscle atrophy.

Muscular Atrophy is a debilitating process that results in an extensive loss of muscle function and mass resulting in worsening of quality of life. It can take place with aging and inadequate food intake; it may also develop as a result of nerve injury.

Des-acyl ghrelin, which is a form of ghrelin and an appetite-stimulating hormone in the body, is the new form of treatment as per Andrea Graziani, PhD., study’s co-author, molecular biologist with the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine and the Biotechnology Center for Applied Medical Research, University of Piemonte Orientale, Novara, Italy.

This study by Graziani and his team is expected to open new treatment avenues for treating all possible forms of atrophy. The study was supported by Telethon, Regione Piemonte, and the Italian Ministry for University and Research.