art Atwood steroidsArt Atwood is officially a government snitch. It turns out he ran a supplement business as a cover for dealing fake steroids. Apperantly, he was busted with something like 200 bottles of fake steroids, i.e. bottles filled with just oil. That makes you wonder how they can charge him with anything, well you don’t need to wonder, as Art Atwood has become a huge bodybuilding snitch. In case you didn’t know, Art Atwood is a “famous” professional (pro) bodybuilder, if you can really be a famous one! haha. Pro Bodybuilding is a joke and it’s a dying sport, expect Mr. Olympia to be near death by 2010.

Prosecutors could have tried Atwood…on multiple counts of drug conspiracy, seeking to make an example of [the] bodybuilder suspected of distributing steroids. But instead, they made deals that could keep [him] from serving any prison time. (source: NYtimes)

So, it’s official. The joker sport of pro bodybuilding has been taken down another notch by it’s ability to have it’s top guys get caught for steroid use and then snitch everyone out. Of course, it’s NOT hard to find steroid users if you’re a pro bodybuilder haha, I mean don’t all bodybuilders use steroids.  It looks like Mr. Atwood is going to finger as hell of a lot of people in the steroids industry, let’s watch to see who.