COLLEGE REMAINS CLEAN OF BANNED SUBSTANCES  Pierce College maintains its stand against androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS) despite its rampant use in professional sports. They don’t have athletes sporting physiques that reek of steroids. Collegiate sports may be tough and competitive but for those at Pierce cutting corners is not the way to go.

According to the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine AAS are testosterone derived compounds that can have significant effects on the body. It increases muscle mass and improves strength gains. This is due to the properties of testosterone which are responsible for the primary sexual characteristics in males. While AAS can greatly enhance performance and promote faster healing of wounds and muscle injuries, it can have potentially adverse effects to the body.

Ever since the steroid controversy erupted in the MLB, there are concerns that the use of these banned substances are influencing young athletes to try them as well.

To manage the use of steroids in collegiate sports the National Collegiate Athletic Association has imposed a banned substance policy, the same policy which is being used by other universities like UCLA and Guilford College.

But in Pierce College there doesn’t seem to be a need to test the athletes for steroids because the sports officials don’t see it as a problem in the athletic community of this institution.