Steroids worth the risk as per some Dominican PlayersBernardino Jimenez was a young child in San Pedro de Macoris who grew up playing baseball behind the tin shanties and on fields cut from sugar plantations, with big dreams in his eyes. However, he became a victim to an agent who injected him with a mixture of what was told to him as legal vitamins. He was soon signed to the Arizona Diamondbacks’ training squad in 2008. Bad times entered Bernardino’s life when he tested positive for an anabolic steroid used in horses, Boldenone. This led to a career-stalling suspension for 50 games.

The lure of fast money by using steroids is one of the biggest reasons why children in the Dominican Republic take steroids. Due to hardship issues faced, budding sportsmen often neglect the possible side effects of steroids, amphetamines, performance enhancing drugs, and growth hormones and even went on the extent of saying that steroids are worth the risk.