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Friday 11, May 2012

  Steroid users may find place in Baseball Hall of Fame

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If recent reports are to be believed, the Baseball Hall of Fame will very soon feature some of the greatest home run hitters in the history of the game who were using or accused of using steroids.

The admission of these players seemed inevitable from the start as ignoring the most dominant pitchers like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens would have left the Hall of Fame almost empty and meaningless.

Bonds and Clemens were two players who brought baseball back into the national forefront in 1990s that was far more impressive than their career home run totals.

Tuesday 31, Jan 2012

  Hall voters to be consumed by steroids era

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Barry Larkin, still glowing over his election to the Hall of Fame, was asked about next year’s sure-to-be-controversial vote: the first appearances of Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa on the Cooperstown ballot.

“All I know is playing and competing against some of these guys, they’re the best — period,” he said.

“I’m not going to vote for any of the people that are linked to steroids. I could change down the road, but that’s the real strong feeling I have now,” said Hal Bodley of MLB.com, the former lead baseball writer for USA Today.