DWAYNE JOHNSON TALKS ABOUT STEROID USEThe talk of steroid use has moved from sports to the entertainment industry. Some people would wonder why those in show business are being asked for comment on a subject that has more popularity in the field of bodybuilding and athletics. But then consider the fact that there have been several athletes that have crossed over from professional sports to showbiz. Dwayne Johnson is one of them and proves that in reality there is no delineation between sports and showbiz when you talk about steroids.

In an interview with MTV, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson admits to have used steroids when he was playing in college football for the Miami Hurricanes. His reason was not to enhance his performance but out of curiosity. From college football he became World Wrestling Entertainment’s biggest stars.

Johnson further laments that there are still a lot of athletes attracted to steroids despite the sanctions and the attention that media was giving them. He says that it is important to teach children the value of hard work and the dangers involving the use of performance enhancing drugs.