bishop-dolegiewicz-steroidsBishop Dolegiewicz died at the age of 55, after being an olympic athlete for many years. There is an implication in the story about the shot putters that he has died an “early” death due to use of anabolic steroids.  This if of course untrue, as Bishop Dolegiewicz had possibly a host of drug abuse habits.  Lets face it, these guys were generally using everything from LSD to cocaine in the 1970s, and on top of this imagine the type of hard life Bishop Dolegiewicz lived as an Olympic Athlete.  He was an Olympic Athlete and he was also a coach, that’s stress on both sides of the equation.  In general, Olympic athletes have a huge bodily and psychological stress, which shortens lifespan.  In fact, if you see the survival rate of NFL players, you see that most do not live past 60 years of age, that’s because the life of an athletes is difficult – physically and psychologically.

Bishop Dolegiewicz probably died from a combination of problems, from drug abuse, to physical abuse, to psychological abuse – the most likely problem would be the stress he faced as an Olympic athlete.  Anabolic steroids probably didn’t help his condition, since he was probably abusing steroids.  Steroid abuse is not a joke and when it’s not taken serious, it can be very bad for your health.  However, in the end, being 6’6 and 330lbs. at his death, with near obesity and diabetes in the last years, probably played a huge part in his death.