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Friday 17, Feb 2012

  Jail term for health shop owner

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In connection with the sale of illicit drugs and steroids under the counter, a former Aylesbury shopkeeper has been jailed for 14 months.

Ricky Thomas, the 25-year old who ran Health Zone in the Cloisters, supplied customers with a wide variety of drugs commonly abused by bodybuilders, including Viagra, testosterone, Diazepam, and breast-reduction drugs.

“His customers were body builders, so they knew what they were doing. He is only 25, and he is a young man with promise,” Jones said.

Saturday 10, Dec 2011

  Repeat steroid dealer sentenced

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U.S. District Judge Donetta W. Ambrose has sentenced an Iowa bodybuilder who served as a domestic distributor for an international steroid ring.

Ronald J. Sales, 47, was sentenced to 20 months in prison and Judge Ambrose told him it was time “to put this in your past and move forward.”

“I messed up again,” Mr. Sales acknowledged.

Sunday 20, Nov 2011

  Details of Lebanon YMCA steroid bust revealed

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Authorities recently said local professional athletes – who haven’t been charged — are being probed in a far-reaching Warren County drug investigation.

The investigation involved busting a clandestine anabolic steroids lab in Tennessee that led to indictments of 32 people.

“There are at least two (professional athletes) we feel have an involvement in this operation,” said John Burke, commander of the Warren County Drug Task Force. “The investigation is ongoing and there may well be charges (against the athletes).”

Friday 09, Sep 2011

  French Bodybuilder guilty of selling steroids

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French Bodybuilder guilty of selling steroidsA French bodybuilder appeared in federal court for pleading guilty to distributing anabolic steroids supplied from Chinese sources and shipped to Pittsburgh from Tennessee.

Karim Mourahib, 30, a French Moroccan from Le Mans, waived grand jury indictment before Senior U.S. District Judge Donetta Ambrose.

Mourahib admitted to importing injectable steroids and selling them to an undercover FDA agent in Pittsburgh.

Thursday 01, Sep 2011

  Countdown starts for Mr Lincolnshire bodybuilding title

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Countdown starts for Mr Lincolnshire bodybuilding titleBronzed and buffed men are all set to flex their muscles in Lincoln in their pursuit to being crowned Mr Lincolnshire’s top bodybuilder.

The competitors will strike a series of poses to show off their muscles in the best light for the show.

The Mr Lincolnshire’s top bodybuilder competition is set to be held at The Lawn in Union Road, Lincoln, on Saturday, July 30.

Wednesday 24, Aug 2011

  Steroid abuse is skyrocketing

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Steroid abuse is skyrocketingAccording to Customs figures, the amount of steroids being smuggled into Australia at airports and through the postal system has more than doubled in the past five years.

In the year to July 2010, customs made 2695 seizures of steroids and growth hormone that highlighted a 155 per cent increase on the 1054 seizures made in 2004-05.

“The majority of performance-enhancing drugs are detected at the international mail gateways and are generally from internet sites located in overseas jurisdictions which do not exercise the same controls as Australia,” a Customs spokesperson said.

Tuesday 23, Aug 2011

  Bodybuilder pleaded guilty to drug charges

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Bodybuilder pleaded guilty to drug charges A bodybuilder who told police after his June arrest that he had a plan to kill officers if his apartment were raided by law enforcement has pleaded guilty Friday to drug and gun charges in federal court.

Damon Bruce Beshears, the 38-year-old, made the plea after reaching an agreement with federal prosecutors that stipulates Beshears serve five years and one month in prison.

U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks, who set sentencing for October, must approve that plea agreement.

Sunday 05, Jun 2011

  Firefighter accused of selling steroids

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Firefighter accused of selling steroidsAn amateur bodybuilder, who lives in Allen and is a veteran of 12 years of Dallas Fire Rescue was detained after being found selling steroids to undercover Allen police officer.

Greg Whiteley, 46, remains free on $ 350,000 bail on seven counts of manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance less than 200 grams.

Whiteley will be placed on administrative leave, if released from prison, according to Jason Evans, a spokesman for Dallas Fire Department.

Tuesday 29, Mar 2011

  Dallas firefighter accused of steroid sale

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Dallas firefighter accused of steroid saleGregory Whiteley, 46, an amateur bodybuilder who lives in Allen and is a 12-year veteran of Dallas Fire Rescue, has been taken into custody for selling steroids to an undercover Allen police officer.

Whiteley is being held on $350,000 bail on seven counts of manufacturing or delivery of a controlled substance under 200 grams.

Jason Evans, a Dallas Fire Rescue spokesman, said Whiteley will be placed on administrative leave if he is released from jail.

Monday 31, Jan 2011

  Former bodybuilder jailed for five years

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Former bodybuilder jailed for five yearsMark William Rainbow, a former bodybuilder, was recently jailed for five years over the illegal importation of anabolic steroids.

The 43-year-old was sentenced in Auckland District Court after earlier admitting breaches of the Medicine Act 1981 including importing, possessing and supplying prescription and other medicines.

The steroid containing imported medicines from Thailand in May 2008 had been concealed in bottles falsely labeled as “Gay Lube Oil”.

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