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Monday 25, Apr 2011

  Doctor urges ban in row over steroids

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Doctor urges ban in row over steroidsMaire O’Brien, a former Irish Olympic team doctor, stuck by her assertion that a product containing an anabolic steroid is openly on sale here.

Maximuscle, the British company, which makes a range of bodybuilding products, rejected her allegation that their products contained anabolic steroids or could be harmful to health.

Thee 19 NOR product currently on sale on had replaced androstenidione with other ingredients and brochures referred to by the professor were out of date, says Eisenberg.

Tuesday 14, Jul 2009

  Herbal Treatment Product may prove effective for Urinary Tract Infections

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Herbal Treatment Product may prove effective for Urinary Tract InfectionsAccording to a new research by the Duke University Medical Center researchers in the United States, forskolin that is an herbal extract and can be purchased over the counter has the unique ability to reduce and even eliminate urinary tract infections. It has also proved itself in enhancing effects of the antibiotics that are used to treat such infections.

Indian coleus plant, Forskolin, proves to be highly effective in preventing urinary tract infections in the bladder recurring even after an antibiotic treatment.

Forskolin that is often used in bodybuilding products and admired for its ability to increase lean body and bone mass is an exceptional companion for bodybuilders when it comes to increasing the levels of testosterone.

Lead researcher microbiologist Dr. Soman Abraham said that this herb has already been in use in Asia for treatment of painful urination.