Youngsters Take Brain-Steroids To Cope With PressuresA journalist of The New Yorker, Margaret Talbot made an observation and study on the lifestyle among high school and undergraduate students. In her observation, she said that a lot of the youngsters are not aware that they are actually taking brain steroids or commonly referred as neuro enhancers. According to her, most high school and undergraduate students, take these kinds of drugs in order to cope with all the school works and social life. She stated that students face a lot of pressure because they need to accomplish school requirements, attend to their works and prepare for graduate studies. Thereby, these youngsters do whatever it takes to sustain the physical and psychological demands.

Talbot also added that neuro-enhancers such as Ritalin are usually given to A.D.D patients. This practice allows students to stay awake until late in the evening in order to produce quality paper works and finish tons of school requirements. She said that these pressures given to the students may be dangerous to them in the future, since they will continue relying on these types of brain stimulants or enhancers.