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Saturday 14, Nov 2009

  Breeder’s Cup horses cleared from any steroids use

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Breeder’s Cup horses cleared from any steroids useThe California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) announced last Tuesday that none of the horses that participated in the Breeder’s Cup World Championships tested positive for any prohibited substance such as TCO2 and anabolic steroids.

All samples from the Breeder’s Cup horses were collected Monday night and were sent to the Kenneth L. Maddy Equine Analytical Chemistry Laboratory at the University of California-Davis. Testing was completed Tuesday morning with results showing that none of the horses failed the drug test. The Maddy lab tested for 45 anabolic steroids and hundreds of other prohibited drugs.

All horses underwent pre-race and post-race testing for TCO2 levels in blood. However, post-race testing was only performed on the first three finishers in all 14 Breeders’ Cup races plus additional random horses selected by the stewards. Post-race testing was additionally done on urine samples.

A random out-of-competition testing was done on 25% of the horses pre-entered in the competition. This is in addition to the routine testing done for the Breeder’s Cup. US samples were brought and analyzed in the Maddy Laboratory while samples from international competitors were brought to racing laboratories in France, England and Ireland.


Friday 14, Aug 2009

  Steroid ban on Breeder’s cup expanded

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Steroid ban on Breeder’s cup expandedThe Breeder’s cup recently expanded its steroid ban to include drugs in two classifications for the two-day championships to be held at Santa Anita on November 6 – 7, 2009.

These drugs are broken down based on several criteria like its pharmacology, ability to influence the horse’s performance, and its therapeutic uses, if any.

Class 1 drugs include opiates and opium derivatives; synthetic opioids; psychoactive drugs; amphetamines and amphetamine-like drugs. There are 51 known drugs in this class of stimulants and depressant drugs.

Class 2 drugs include lidocaine, epogen, caffeine and snake venoms. There are around 350 drugs known under this classification.

These two classifications are an addition to the usual anabolic steroid testing, which only started last year, EPO testing conducted 10 days before the event and TCO2 or milkshake testing.

According to CEO and Breeder’s Cup president, Greg Avioli, these additions will help strengthen the preservation of integrity and protection of their athlete’s welfare at the world’s championships.

Trainers of horses found to test positive for these drugs will be suspended for a year from the 2010 event. Trainers who will commit the same offense three times will be permanently banned from participating in the Breeder’s Cup. The horses will also be ineligible to participate in the competition.

From The Canadian Press:

“The establishment of these new regulations strengthens our number one priority of preserving the integrity of our competition and protecting the welfare of our athletes at the world championships,” Breeders’ Cup president and CEO Greg Avioli said Monday.