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Sunday 04, Jan 2015

  RFU Boss Admits Drug Problem In Rugby

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RFU Boss Admits Drug Problem In Rugby

Ian Ritchie, the Rugby Football Union’s chief executive, has remarked Rugby union has a doping problem. The most senior figure in English rugby said rugby has an issue with drugs that urgently needs to be tackled.

The Rugby Football Union’s chief executive also remarked we are addressing this and not putting it under the carpet and also said we are recognizing this is an issue. Ritchie’s comment came in a week when Bonymaen’s Nick Clancy became the 10th rugby union player in the United Kingdom in 2014 to be suspended for doping offences. However, Ritchie reiterated that although 15 of the 43 banned athletes or coaches listed by UK Anti-Doping are from rugby union, a big majority of them come from the junior ranks.

A former international coach, under condition of anonymity, said it is naive to believe that the problem is limited to young players who are trying to take a shortcut to enter the professional ranks. The coach, while speaking to DailyMail said he walked away from rugby in disgust at the scale of drug abuse. The coach said he is sure there was the odd player taking drugs before the sport went professional and remarked but what he found abhorrent was the institutionalized drug-taking that came in in the professional era.

The former international coach also said players are being told to bulk up, and it’s being spelled out to them in no uncertain terms that the way to bulk up is to take drugs. He went on to add that one cannot become as big the players are becoming without a serious amount of drug-taking and added once a core of players take drugs, get bigger and win places, the only way other players can compete is by taking drugs too. He went on to remark that it is a problem that has engulfed the sport and he wanted no part of it. The coach also remarked you don’t get a physique like a modern-day rugby player by eating grilled fish and doing press-ups.

A few months back, former France and Harlequins prop Laurent Benezech had claimed that French team doctors unwittingly and illegally administered cortisone to him during the 1995 World Cup. Benezech also remarked that the culture of drug use in rugby is due to unreasonable demands placed on players by coaches who are desperate for short-term success. Benezech also alleged that Rugby is in exactly the same situation as before the Festina cycling business.

Nicola Newman, who runs the RFU’s drug testing program and is the director of communications and education at UK Anti-Doping, said there is an issue in rugby, and this is something the RFU have acknowledged. Newman added the evidence points to more of a problem in the junior ranks than at elite level but agreed that questions should be asked across the whole of rugby union. Newman added our understanding is that it is easy to buy steroids, but there are an awful lot of risks involved and went on to add that but it is not illegal to buy steroids for personal use and it is only illegal to sell them or supply to others.

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Thursday 07, Jun 2012

  Legal Anavar

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Last but not the least, you should try to collect as much as information about laws about steroids in your country about the use and purchase of legal steroids and efficiency improving medications, such as legal Anavar, to prevent all legal issues.

Sunday 29, Jan 2012

  King Mo will not appeal positive steroid test

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Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Muhammed Lawal is not expected to file an appeal with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC).

Lawal tested positive for the anabolic steroid Drostanolone following a Jan. 7, 2012, win over Lorenz Larkin.

“When I went to Max Muscle, I figured you can’t buy steroids at a Max Muscle. It’s a chain store,” he said. “That’s like going to a grocery store and buying something illegal there. I guess that’s the mistake I made. When I looked at the bottle, it just had a bunch of numbers on it. It had the ingredients. I didn’t see anything that looked illegal on the bottle, to be honest with you,” Lawal said.

Saturday 23, Apr 2011

  Canby cop purchased steroids on the job

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The FBI has disclosed that Canby Officer Jason Deason bought anabolic steroids on the job.

The accused officer purchased the steroids from Brian Jackson, strength and conditioning coach for the much-heralded Oregon City High School girls’ basketball team.

Dr. Linn Goldberg, head of OHSU’s Division of Health Promotion and Sports Medicine said, “You could see why a police officer might want to use them,” He added, “Sometimes they have to fight hand-to-hand. They have to restrain people. … You could see where there’s an inducement.”

Thursday 06, Nov 2008

  Saints Jamar Nesbit blames spiked supplement for his doping suspension

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new-orleans-saints-steroidsNew Orleans Saints guard Jamar Nesbit thinks he’s been wronged and wants vindication.

Nesbit filed a lawsuit against StarCaps, the company behind the over-the-counter dietary supplement allegedly spiked with the diuretic bumetanide.

The lawsuit seeks $235,000 for to compensate for his lost wages resulting from his four-game suspension. Nesbit was penalized by the NFL for violation of the league’s policy on anabolic steroid and related substances in late September this year.

StarCaps has recently suspended its sale of its controversial product.

Several other NFL players have tested positive for bumetanide and they all denied wrongdoing. They blamed the same StarCaps diet system for testing positive for the prohibited compound.

Among those implicated in the controversial doping case were Nesbit’s fellow Saints: running back Deuce McAllister and defensive ends Will Smith and Charles Grant. Minnesota Vikings defensive tackles Pat Williams and Kevin Williams could also face doping suspensions due to the same infringement.

Sunday 02, Nov 2008

  Shot putter used anabolic steroids

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bishop-dolegiewicz-steroidsBishop Dolegiewicz died at the age of 55, after being an olympic athlete for many years. There is an implication in the story about the shot putters that he has died an “early” death due to use of anabolic steroids.  This if of course untrue, as Bishop Dolegiewicz had possibly a host of drug abuse habits.  Lets face it, these guys were generally using everything from LSD to cocaine in the 1970s, and on top of this imagine the type of hard life Bishop Dolegiewicz lived as an Olympic Athlete.  He was an Olympic Athlete and he was also a coach, that’s stress on both sides of the equation.  In general, Olympic athletes have a huge bodily and psychological stress, which shortens lifespan.  In fact, if you see the survival rate of NFL players, you see that most do not live past 60 years of age, that’s because the life of an athletes is difficult – physically and psychologically.

Bishop Dolegiewicz probably died from a combination of problems, from drug abuse, to physical abuse, to psychological abuse – the most likely problem would be the stress he faced as an Olympic athlete.  Anabolic steroids probably didn’t help his condition, since he was probably abusing steroids.  Steroid abuse is not a joke and when it’s not taken serious, it can be very bad for your health.  However, in the end, being 6’6 and 330lbs. at his death, with near obesity and diabetes in the last years, probably played a huge part in his death.

Thursday 30, Oct 2008

  Swedish police dismantles huge steroid ring

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swedish_police_steroidsA massive anti-doping operation was conducted by the Swedish police last week that had led to the arrest of 40 people and seizure of large quantities of anabolic steroids, weapons and ammunition. Several people were also brought in for questioning.

According to The Local, authorities conducted pre-dawn raids across the country to dismantle a large doping ring.

The incident that precipitated the nationwide investigation was the arrest of a 25-year-old man who attempted to flee the country with a bag full of money. The man was apprehended by the police on August 13 in Malmö. The suspect had also with him the name and residence address of a 51-year-old Gavle resident. Following up on that information police arrested the 51-year-old man and his girlfriend and they were put under custody for doping offenses.

“We found large quantities of doping drugs and we received signals that his sales basically encompassed the whole of Sweden and took place over the internet,” said Pär Langer of the Gävleborg police department.

The 51-year-old suspect’s computer was seized and reportedly authorities succeeded retrieving significant data that led to subsequent raids and interrogations of persons of interest.

Authorities from police departments in several districts and from the Sweden’s National Investigation have been working to discover the identity of the customers of the suspects already in custody.

“There’s much to suggest that this is the biggest doping scandal to have ever taken place in Sweden,” said Langer.

The Stockholm area seemed to be the center of the illegal trade; it was there where large number of drug sales took place that involved sales of anabolic steroids by individuals linked to fitness and bodybuilding establishments.

Monday 27, Oct 2008

  The ‘Godfather of Steroids’ repents his sins

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jose-canseco-steroidsJose Canseco feels sorry for so many things these days.

He’s sorry he had used steroids. He’s sorry that he has now nonexistent testosterone in his system due to his steroid use. He’s sorry he tried to smuggle into California the fertility drug he bought from Mexico to normalize his hormone levels. And most of all he’s sorry he wrote Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ‘Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big. And sorrier when he wrote a sequel to Juiced, which he titled Vindicated: Big Names, Big Liars, and the Battle to Save Baseball. Vindicated, many say didn’t tell that much, and that’s a great disappointment from a supposed to be tell-all book.

Canseco said he should have never written those books with kilometric titles, and that he missed the friendship he had with former teammates, particularly Mark McGwire.

“I never realized this was going to blow up as big and hurt so many people,” Canseco said in a new television special.

“The more I think about it the more I realize how wrong it was.”

Well, we’d like the front seat when Canseco says sorry to McGwire up close and personal. We’d like to know for sure if McGwire can still hit as fast and as hard as he did during his days with the Cardinals.

A scathing article from AP:

If the old Canseco made you queasy, the new one is simply sickening.

Tune in if you want to hear Canseco talk about being depressed and wanting to be left alone; watch his meeting with a doctor to try to return his testosterone levels to normal; see his beautiful girlfriend and listen to him say he has no sex drive at all.

Why stop at just an hour-long special? This is so slimy it could become a reality TV hit.
They did miss a few things, like Canseco being charged in federal court in San Diego with a misdemeanor offense of trying to bring a fertility drug across the border from Mexico. His attorney said Canseco was in Tijuana looking for Halloween decorations with a woman and her 7-year-old daughter.

And there’s no footage from his first-round knockout loss to former NFL player Vai Sikahema in a celebrity boxing match in July in Atlantic City that was briefly popular on YouTube.
But there’s enough other stuff to make you watch this train wreck.

I guess we’re supposed to feel sorry for him as he battles to regain his manhood and stay off the steroids he says he used for more than two decades. We’re supposed to empathize as he lies on a bed watching videos of his home runs and worrying about what the long-term effects of his steroids use will be.

It is a pitiful story, that’s for sure. But Canseco is hardly someone to be pitied, considering he has spent much of his adult life involved in one con job after another.

Sunday 26, Oct 2008

  Florida man faces multiple felony charges for steroid distribution and other crimes

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florida-steroidsThe Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office reported that Christopher Edward Abate, 44, of 2511 Mauritania Road, was charged with five felony counts of possession of controlled substance for methadone, oxandrolone, fluoxymesterone, and oxymetholone.

Abate was also charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute of oxandrolone (anavar), 42 counts of possession of prescription forms, and misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana less than 20 grams and possession of paraphernalia. Abate was booked into the Charlotte County Jail on the drug and counterfeit-making equipment charges on a $52,100 bond.

The Sheriff’s office reported that Abate has been under surveillance for nearly five months before his arrest. His arrest also resulted to the seizure of more 3,000 pills, steroid drugs, counterfeit identification and nearly $500,000 in cash.

According to the police report, some of the vials and bottles found at the house had handwritten labels on them. There were also equipment found at the scene apparently used to fill up and seal steroid vials. Bags of raw steroid powder were also discovered during the search and seizure. Authorities also found several blank cards used for making counterfeit driver’s licenses and identification cards.

Abate also has six different licenses that contained his picture and three with different names. Also recovered from the house were blank doctor’s prescription pads for four different doctors in Florida and Connecticut. Further, among the documents seized was Abate’s release order from Federal Probation from prior prescription fraud.

Sunday 19, Oct 2008

  Anabolic Steroids and Violent behavior

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illegal steroids

Do steroids cause violence?

The short answer is: NO! The long answer is it’s not likely. Anabolic steroids are just a derivative of the hormone testosterone, which your body produces naturally as a male (and even to some extent as a female). Thus, saying that anabolic steroids are this harmful to you is akeen to saying drinking urine (urine being another natural product of the body) will make you hannibal lecter. The truth in the latest study released about steroids is skewed. It seems the researchers love the lime-ligth but forget to talk about reality of the study they present.

In the first sound bite these “steroid researchers” put out about anabolic steroids, they stated on Reuters:

Young men who use anabolic steroids are twice as likely to engage in violence than those who do not use the muscle-building drugs, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.

While many scientists believe anabolic steroids — synthetic drugs related to male sex hormones — are linked to aggressive behavior, research has been limited. Some users refer to so-called “roid rage” fueled by the drugs.

After this, they back off their statement, in the SAME study, and say there is NO PROOF that anabolic steroids increase violence, so which one is true?

The study’s design did not allow researchers to conclude definitively than steroids were the cause of the increased violent behavior, he said.

The truth is somewhere in the middle, just like anything in life. Steroids are a hormone and, when used, should be used with extreme caution and knowledge. This, of course, goes for everything in life, take sleeping pills for example – and you know what abuse of sleeping pills can equal to. If you take 50 sleeping pills, you’re dead, that’s right, dead! So, steroid abuse is steroids, VERY serious, but so is every other form of abuse in the world.

The overall problem with this study is that it is flawed and bias towards proving somehow that steroid use causes violence, which it does NOT.

Beaver’s team looked at data on a nationally representative sample of 6,823 young men who were tracked from 1994, when they were in middle school or high school, through to 2002.

The men who used anabolic steroids either in the past year or at any time in their lives were about twice as likely to have committed at least one violent act in the past year than men who never used them — even when statistically accounting for other drug use or prior violent tendencies, Beaver said.

The men who were supposidly followed from 1994-2002, should have been using anabolic steroids 24/7/365, but they were not.  Even if they took 1 tablet of dianabol , they were part of this study.  Isn’t that medically inaccurate? where is the placebo? where is the test group with other drugs?  Let’s face it, what if 1/2 of those guys were heavy users of methamphetamine, wouldn’t that matter? or recreational drug users? or violent offenders BEFORE the study? do we know these facts? NO! because this is all done to get a soundbite and fame, not to present reality to the public.

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