georges-st-pierre-matt-serraMatt Serra Vs. Georges St-Pierre:
*see our Matt Serra Vs. Georges St-Pierre UFC 83 review

Georges St-Pierre Wins by Technical Knock Out at 4:45 in the 2nd round

Travis Lutter Rich FranklinTravis Lutter Vs. Rich Franklin:
*Poor cardio shape force Travis Lutter be be completely gassed out by the 2nd round. Toward the middle of 2nd round, Franklin escapes from being taken down and invites Lutter to stand up and fight. Lutter is completely gassed out, he holds his hands at the waist and gets punched while knees are landing. A kick from Franklin found its target, while Lutter is down a series of punches stops the fight.

Rich Franklin Wins by Technical Knock Out at 3:01 in the 2nd round

Charles McCarthy Michael BispingCharles McCarthy Vs. Michael Bisping
*Bispring escaped an earlier attempt at an armbar by McCarthy, and once they got up on their feet Bisping pushed McCarthy against the cage and started to hit him with hard knees and punches. McCarthy fell to the matt just as the round bell sounded. McCarthy doesn’t get up from the canvas and the fight is over.

Michael Bisping Wins by TKO Stoppage (Referee) at 5:00 in the 1st round

Other Results past top 3:

Nate Quarry Vs. Kalib Starnes:
Nate Quarry Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round

Mark Bocek Vs. Mac Danzig:
Mac Danzig Wins by Submission (Choke) at 3:48 in the 3rd round by rear naked

Joe Doerksen Vs. Jason MacDonald:
Jason MacDonald Wins by Technical Knock Out at 0:56 in the 2nd round

Jason Day Vs. Alan Belcher:
Jason Day Wins by Technical Knock Out at 3:58 in the 1st round

Ed Herman Vs. Demian Maia:
Demian Maia Wins by Submission (Choke) at 2:27 in the 2nd round by triangle

Rich Clementi Vs. Sam Stout:
Rich Clementi Wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round

Brad Morris Vs. Cain Velasquez:
Cain Velasquez Wins by Technical Knock Out at 2:10 in the 1st round

Kuniyoshi Hironaka Vs. Jonathan Goulet:
Jonathan Goulet Wins by Technical Knock Out at 2:07 in the 2nd round