racehorse-steroidsIn time for the New Year, New York has set a new law limiting the use of anabolic steroids in race horses. Steroids basically have the same effects on humans and horses, except that it may cause a young horse’s skeleton to give way due to sudden increase in bulk. Just this week, New York has started fresh with this new law at hand.

“This is a good idea,” he said. “I had stopped using them with most of my horses because they were shipping to states where they were already banned. They help a horse eat a little bit, but I haven’t missed them. I just had the best year I’ve ever had, and I basically did it steroid free. I found out they don’t make that much of a difference.”

Other trainers saw things differently, however. Some veterans claimed that even if steroids don’t increase speed, they help increase endurance, size, and with the horses’ appetites.

Racing fans and trainers are yet to see the differences in the horses and in the games. As one fan had pointed out, the racing committee should get rid of all drugs. Getting rid of steroid use is one way to start.