anti-drug-campaigns-in-californiaIn the effort to extend the anti-steroid and anti-addictive drug abuse to the youth, different cities in California have developed various drug testing programs for their student athletes. In the city of Visalia, high schools will also be subjecting their cheerleaders to the same drug tests done on sports athletes. According to a coach, the main reason is that cheerleading is a dangerous activity and that parents wouldn’t want their girls being thrown high up by a drug user. The drug policy was approved last month and plans to test 10 students weekly at each high school. The school principal would be the one who would be holding the list of positive results and she would inform the parents of these students. While the athletes or the cheerleaders can still continue participating in activities, they will be put in a guidance counseling program that would determine if they need further therapy. Unfortunately, Visalia doesn’t have the budget to test for steroid use and the program all-in-all had to be temporarily stopped due to lack of funds.

The city of Clovis, on the other hand, makes sure that the privacy issue is addressed by sending the results directly to the parents of those who had tested positive for drugs. Unlike Visalia, Clovis high schools also test for the use of performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids.