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Friday 07, Jan 2011

  Steroid case against Floridan pharmacy dismissed

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Steroid case against Floridan pharmacy dismissedA state judge has dismissed a criminal case against the operators of a pharmacy in Florida, in a sharp rebuke of the Albany County district attorney, at the center of a national steroid scandal that implicated major sports figures.

The judge, Stephen Herrick of Albany County Court, noted in dismissing the case that the company (Signature Pharmacy) operators, were pursuing a civil lawsuit against the district attorney, P. David Soares, in which they accused him and his office of committing federal civil rights violations stemming from the criminal case.

It is worth noting here that Mr. Soares had said that Signature Pharmacy was at the center of a nationwide ring of shady Web sites and unethical doctors who had made steroids and other controlled substances easy to obtain over the Internet.

Sunday 04, Jul 2010

  Three drugs to lose place on nutrition store shelves

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Three drugs to lose place on nutrition store shelvesMadol and two other drugs, boldione and 19-nor-4,9(10)-Androstadienedione, have been classified as controlled substances by the Drug Enforcement Administration. The three steroids were previously marked as dietary supplements but have found a place on the shelves of nutrition stores.

Classification of a drug as an anabolic steroid is a lengthy process. Under the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004, a confirmation is required to be made by scientists that the chemical structure is similar to testosterone and then a lab must prove that it could synthesize the drug in a controlled environment.

Travis Tygart, the head of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, said his agency has identified at least twenty other steroids marked as supplements that have not yet been classified as controlled substances.

Monday 09, Feb 2009


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williamtraverso-steroidsThis week, Canby businessman William Jake Traverso was arrested for drug-related and theft charges. It all began years ago when Jason Deason, a Canby police officer, was allegedly using anabolic steroids which are a controlled substance in the country. Deason had resigned since then and just a few months ago, his former roommate, Canby Police Chief Greg Kroeplin, was suspended with pay after he was proven to have concealed that Deason had been using the illegal drugs. After a year of further investigations, leads pointed to Traverso who was one of those who had allegedly given Deason his supply of steroids.

FBI agents claimed that even back in 2001, during investigations on Deason’s steroid abuse, the former police officer had already tipped off Traverso. Deason even coached the drug dealer on what to say when the police question him about steroids.

Federal investigators raided Traverso’s home and workplace at Yamhill County where they found an address book containing Deason’s contact information such as his work phone number and his cell phone number. They also seized some stolen goods including two firearms. Traverso was charged several counts on the illegal possession and distribution of controlled substances which included steroids and methamphetamine, and first-degree theft. He will probably facing a prison sentence unless if he pays his bail that totals $75,000.

Saturday 08, Nov 2008

  New Hampshire teen arrested for DUI, possession of steroids and other controlled substances

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new-hampshire-steroidsAn 18-year old in New Hampshire takes to heart the adage “persistence is the key to success”.

Jeremy Rosario was indeed persistent but not that successful as he was arrested by the police in Newmarket. The arrest has been Rosario’s third in just over a three-month period.

His initial arrest was on July 24, 2008. Rosario of Salmon Street, Newmarket was apprehended on an arrest warrant issued by the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Drug Task Force. He was charged with sale of a controlled drug in both Rockingham and Strafford County.

According to the police report, authorities found teenager was in possession of marijuana, anabolic steroids and a quantity of cash. Said evidence was seized by the NH Drug Task Force.

He was arrested the second time on Oct. 12, for DUI and transportation of alcoholic beverages by a minor. He faces these charges in the Exeter District Court.

In less than three weeks on Oct. 31, Rosario was arrested for facilitating a drug or underage alcohol house party, unlawful possession of alcohol and possession of a controlled drug.

Armed with a search warrant, police searched Rosario’s residence and discovered quantities of marijuana, alcohol, and a loaded handgun. A total of 18 individuals, including Rosario, were put under arrest during this incident.

From the incident it seems Jeremy Rosario was going to buy steroids from his local gym, believed to be Golds Gym, but there is no proof.  If he was going to buy steroids locally, he would probably be a bit smarter then to keep them in such an open situation.  Of course, him being under 24-25, steroid abuse will come as a possible problem.

Wednesday 23, Apr 2008

  Steroids and Self-Improvement

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steroidsLet’s face it – we are now in the steroid-era. Doping scandals are all over the news. Famous athletes from various sports disciplines have been implicated in steroid investigations and sting operations. It’s a known fact that steroids indeed improve athlete’s performance in the playing field as they increase strength and double the players’ intensity in playing the game. But do you know that non-medical steroid use of US males is not mainly for performance enhancement but for self-improvement?

This is according to a web-based survey. From the almost 2000 US males surveyed, the following facts were gathered:

• The typical recreational steroid user is aged around 30 years old, well-educated, and earns an above-average income in a white-collar occupation.
• Majority did not take steroids during adolescence.
• Majority are not motivated by athletic competition or sports performance.
• Their motivation is improvement of their physical appearance (increase muscle mass and strength, and lose fat). Other reasons for using steroids are to increase confidence, to improve mood, and to attract sexual partners.

This may improve the way others view steroids and steroid users. The study proves that not all users are ‘cheaters’ (i.e. athletes who use them as performance-enhancing drugs) or risk-taking teens (kids with raging naturally-occurring hormones who usually jump off of a cliff before thinking).

One of the authors of the survey was quite optimistic about the changes this may bring on government policy on steroids. “The users we surveyed consider that they are using directed drug technology as one part of a strategy for physical self-improvement within a health-centered lifestyle,” said Rick Collins. “Effective public policy should begin by accurately identifying who’s using steroids and why. We hope our research – the largest adult survey of non-medical AAS use we know of – is a significant step forward in that direction.”

The study was conducted almost two years ago; obviously, nothing has changed in the way the federal government perceives steroids and their adherents. They are still considered controlled substances; and, if you’re unlucky to get caught with them without a valid prescription, you get fined or get jailed.