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Friday 16, Mar 2012

  Carvalho now denies all steroid allegations

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Former CSKA Moscow midfielder Daniel Carvalho has denied his own comments in the past that he had to take anabolic steroids while playing for CSKA.

Carvalho previously remarked that he was provided steroids to strengthen his body because he was “too skinny” when he arrived at the CSKA Moscow in 2003.

“I took the same food supplements that all other athletes took regularly,” he said. “Nobody was forced to take anything.”

Wednesday 14, Mar 2012

  Anabolic steroid use admitted by Brazilian soccer star

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Brazilian soccer star and international midfielder Daniel Carvalho recently disclosed that he used to got regular injections of anabolic steroids when he was a part of the European team CSKA Moscow.

The healthcare personnel at CSKA considered me “weak” and gave me steroids, Carvalho said.

“I left Brazil thin, very thin,” Carvalho said. “Then I went to Russia for six years, and they gave me steroid injections, and after six months I’d put on eight kilos.”

Monday 20, Feb 2012

  Daniel Carvalho was not forced to take steroids

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Daniel Carvalho, the Palmeiras attacker, has retracted his previous comments about using steroids during his stint at CSKA Moscow.

The 28-year-old Carvalho earlier stated that the Russian club had given him anabolic steroids so that he could gain some weight.

“If there were not, then I apologize to the Russians for my comments.”