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Thursday 02, Dec 2010

  Hall of Fame linebacker leads war against drugs

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Hall of Fame linebacker leads war against drugsDick Butkus, the Hall of Fame linebacker, who was renowned for playing with a menacing fury, is putting his passion into the fight against steroids.

The association between steroids and sports disgusts me, says Butkus. The former Chicago Bear is tackling the problem by delivering a message on the dangers of doping with his “I Play Clean” campaign aimed at high-school students.

Butkus has learned over time that use of steroids could result in heart damage among its other dangers.

Tuesday 03, Nov 2009

  Ex-NFL player’s former fiancée filed a restraining order

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Ex-NFL player’s former fiancée filed a restraining orderMelanie Wade, former fiancée of ex-49er defensive lineman Dana Stubblefield has obtained a restraining against the football star.

According to the 26-year-old Wade, Stubblefield had been repeatedly harassing her and threatening her life. In an incident in June 2008, Wade was reportedly riding her bicycle when Stubblefield hit her with his truck. She suffered several bruises and cuts from the said incident. There were also times when the two would fight and Stubblefield would wrestle her physically in an attempt to take away some items Wade would claim as hers.

There were also times when Stubblefield would lock her up in the house, and would threaten to kill her.

The couple broke in July; however, Stubblefield kept calling her repeatedly. Finally, last August 5, Wade obtained a restraining order, requiring Stubblefield to keep a 300 feet distance away from Wade or 30 feet distance when both are attending services at Family Community Church in San Jose.

The former NFL player denied allegations through his lawyer, Dan Nicholson. Head football coach and Valley Christian school officials where Stubblefield works supported him, saying he has been a good role model and was honest about his former steroids use.