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Thursday 27, Jan 2011

  Shortstop Derek Jeter reaches $67m deal with Yankees

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Shortstop Derek Jeter reaches $67m deal with YankeesThe New York Yankees and Shortstop Derek Jeter reportedly reached a preliminary agreement recently on a US$51 million ($67 million), three-year contract with an US$8 million player option for 2014.

There was little doubt that the Yankees captain would remain in New York while negotiations moved slowly.

The guaranteed portion of the contract offered to Jeter includes a US$3 million buyout if the option is declined. If it is exercised, he would earn US$56 million over four seasons.

Thursday 28, Oct 2010

  Yankees captain evades question on Rodriguez

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Yankees captain evades question on RodriguezDerek Jeter, the New York Yankees captain, is avoiding questions about A-Rod until the start of spring training.

Jeter did not answer questions concerning his high-profile teammate a day after Alex Rodriguez admitted to using performance enhancing drugs over a period of three years ending in 2003.

The Yankees offered their support for A-Rod in a statement by saying that they respect his decision of taking accountability for his actions.