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Thursday 16, Apr 2009


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DOCTOR SOURCE OF STEROIDS OF SOME MLB PLAYERSMore inquiries are being conducted about the use of steroids in the MLB. Federal investigators are trying to unearth more evidence against Ramon Scruggs, who allegedly supplied many athletes from the MLB prescription for steroids and human growth hormones. Last year he was charged for this crime and 4 baseball players have testified against him. The New York Times had released this report.

Despite the ban on performance enhancing drugs, 2 players from the Anaheim Angels, Troy Glaus and Scott Schoneweis, admitted that they were still taking the steroids even after the drug testing had been implemented.

An anti aging doctor, 62-year-old Ramon Scruggs, says he is not guilty of the allegations. He maintains the fact that the players needed the steroids to aid them while recovering from their injuries and not to improve muscle strength and gains.

Friday 22, Feb 2008

  Insane Doctor gets 2 years in jail for selling Steroids

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steroids-doctorThis interesting M.D. was a bit mentally off, he was admitted to an insane hospital and has been in trouble for giving a teenager viagra over the internet. And, lo and behold, he ends up selling steroids to poor bodybuilders. This same doctor was charged with extortion after demanding money for a bad chicken sandwich – he is now the idiotic pillar of the doctor prescribing steroids to people. Unfortunately, the people the DEA picks are real grade A morons who make the whole steroid community look like some freaking slack jaw yodles. Truth is far from this; bodybuilders who use steroids tend to be white collar, over 30 with a stable income and family. Just fitness guys trying to get in shape using a bit of anabolic steroids as aids for that.

A doctor who admitted to illegally selling steroids from a makeshift Capitol Hill office has been sentenced to 22 months in federal prison.

For more than 20 years, Howard J. Levine, 58, was able to retain his medical credentials despite patient complaints, state Health Department reprimands and an extortion conviction, in which he demanded cash from Jack in the Box after eating what he claimed was a spoiled chicken sandwich.

Friday 25, Jan 2008

  Doctor guilty in steroids case

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steroids doctorSo this doctor was sentenced for issuing prescriptions for steroids, legally!!! it’s interesting how the government views steroids, with obviously NO medical or scientific knowledge to back up what they are saying.

“Anabolic steroids are a scourge that can wreck the health of the people who obtain them for anti-aging or physical enhancement,” U.S. Attorney Deborah Rhodes said in a prepared statement.

wow, so since when have steroids used for ANTI aging to help men recover from low testosterone levels been bad? terrible ignorance by the government.