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Friday 16, Oct 2009

  California doctor arrested due to illegal prescription of steroids

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California doctor arrested due to illegal prescription of steroidsA physician from Santa Fe, California recently pleaded guilty to drug trafficking. Dr. Ramon Scruggs admitted the offense last week and will be sentenced on December 7 in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

Dr. Scruggs admitted to prescribing steroids and other performance enhancing drugs for non-medical purposes from January 2003 to April 2007. It was learned that the doctor conducted it through the Internet.

Some of those who purchased the drugs from Scruggs involved a police officer who has been in the service for almost 27 years.

Cleveland police officer, Lt. Anthony Tuleta of West 14th street was accused of buying steroids and submitting bills amounting to $95,000 to Medical Mutual.

Aside from drug possession, he was also charged with theft. He started a suspension without pay last November.

His trial was supposed to start on Monday, with Judge Nancy Margaret Russo to handle the case. However, the judge decided to remove herself from the case after learning that Tuleta’s brother used to work on her home.

The case will be re-assigned and a grand jury is now in the process of being selected.

A former Cleveland firefighter was also discovered to have bought steroids from Scruggs and have subsequently billed Medical Mutual.

Thursday 13, Nov 2008

  3 Cleveland first responders under probe for steroid and theft charges

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cleveland-police-steroidsThe Plain Dealer reports that a Cleveland police officer, former firefighter, and a former paramedic are now facing drug and theft charges for illegally obtaining anabolic steroids and providing bogus claims to an insurance firm to pay for the drugs.

The three were Police Lt. Anthony Tuleta, 50, former firefighter Craig Romey, 38, and former EMS paramedic Angel Otero, 41. It was reported that the trio received prescriptions over the Internet between January 2003 and June 2007 from Dr. Ramon Scruggs of Santa Ana, Calif., prosecutors said.

According to Ryan Miday, spokesman for the prosecutor’s office, the three submitted claims to Medical Mutual of Ohio. The insurance company decided to contact the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration because the large amounts of drugs were being prescribed for non-medical uses, Miday said.

Tuleta submitted nearly $95,000 in claims, Otero submitted $9,262, and Romey submitted $23, 355. Tuleta was suspended without pay on Monday. Romey, meanwhile, is currently employed in a Las Vegas fire department. All three face multiple charges of possession of controlled drugs and theft.

It was believed that Tuleta, Romey and Otero acquired the steroids for their personal use and no evidence was found suggesting that the three sold said drugs.

Scruggs faces 13 charges for drug trafficking.

In June 2004, anti-aging doctor Scruggs was formally accused of prescribing anabolic steroids and ancillary drugs over the Internet to individuals he did not personally examine. His clients included two major league baseball players Troy Glaus and Scott Schoeneweis. He settled his case with the State of California in 2006.

However, early this year, Scruggs’ case was re-opened by California federal prosecutors to uncover the names of other individuals who have received illegal prescriptions from Scruggs. Authorities were particularly interested with the names of MLB players.