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Tuesday 10, Jul 2012

  Prescription drug abuse on the rise

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The adventurous bent for giving it all on the field may increase the risk of a player to abuse prescription drugs, according to specialists at a local summit of medical, coaching, and sports industry professionals.

Laurence Westreich, a drug abuse psychiatrist and consultant for Major League Baseball, said painkillers and stimulants used for controlling the symptoms of attention deficit disorders are increasingly being abused wile the world is all focused on the abuse of anabolic steroids.

Michael Harris, a pain specialist at the Andrews Institute and an orthopedic and sports medicine surgical center in Gulf Breeze, said athletes often are exposed to pain medications following acute injuries and physicians issuing prescriptions for more than two weeks at a time should be challenged for a more conservative approach.

Conference participant Barbara Morris, director of the Sports Medicine and Athletic Related Trauma Institute at the University of South Florida, said those issues are magnified in youth athletics.

Friday 06, Apr 2012

  South African schools start war against drug abuse

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Hundreds of schools across South Africa have started subjecting pupils to drug and breathalyzer tests for curbing an alarming increase in drug abuse.

The SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) has warned it will be testing players for anabolic steroids on the eve of schools’ annual Easter rugby festivals.

“If a child tests positive, we send him or her for a blood test as well,” Benoni High School headmaster Jake Ceronio said. “Because we test regularly, there is a fear factor,” he said.

Thursday 14, Apr 2011

  Former Officer Pleads Guilty

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Former Officer Pleads GuiltyA former Akron police sergeant, Shawn M. Boal, 38, pleaded guilty to charges of possession of steroids.

The former police sergeant was placed on probation for eighteen months and ordered to drug treatment.

Akron police officers are not tested for steroids.

Monday 04, Apr 2011

  Ex-Akron officer pleads guilty in steroids case

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Shawn M. Boal, 38, a former Akron police sergeant, has pleaded guilty to charges of steroids possession.

Boal was placed on probation for eighteen months and ordered to obtain drug treatment.

Akron police officers are not tested for steroids.

Friday 17, Dec 2010

  Six-time champion jockey says drug abuse exists in horse racing

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Six-time champion jockey says drug abuse exists in horse racingKieren Fallon, the six-time champion jockey, reopened old wounds by saying that there is a drug abuse problem within horse racing and, more particularly, within the extensive racing community in Newmarket.

Fallon who returned in September from an 18-month ban for a second failed drug test recently appeared on the BBC’s Inside Sport programme.

The town’s racing chaplain, the Rev Graham Locking, said there is a drugs problem in Newmarket but that’s because we are no different to any other town.

Thursday 25, Nov 2010

  Alderson addressed issue of steroid use in baseball

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Alderson addressed issue of steroid use in baseballThe Mets’ new general manager, Sandy Alderson, who presided over the Oakland Athletics and G.M. in the late 1980s, recently addressed the issue of steroid use in baseball.

It is worthwhile to note that Alderson was interviewed by Congress and former Senator George Mitchell for a report on the subject after Jose Canseco wrote a book detailing his and teammate Mark McGwire’s use of performance enhancing drugs.

I wanted to enact drug testing at the time but was limited by California state law and the collective bargaining agreement with the players, says Alderson.

Monday 27, Sep 2010

  Arizona starts tracking users of prescription drugs

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Arizona starts tracking users of prescription drugsA centralized, state-managed database that can be accessed by doctors and pharmacists around Arizona, will be storing prescription information of legally sold drugs such as OxyContin, Vicodin, Ritalin, and Ambien.

Dr. Stephen Borowsky, an anesthesiologist and pain-management specialist, said that he is happy to learn that Arizona has finally decided to keep a close eye on medicines that have potential for addiction.

Pharmacy Board officials remarked that database access is recorded and limited to doctors and pharmacists.

Thursday 07, Jan 2010

  Prescription substance abuse in the USA exceeds 15 million, as per report

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prescriptionMore Americans were abusing controlled prescription drugs than cocaine, inhalants, heroin, and hallucinogens as a combination between years 1992-2003 as per a recently released report.

Joseph Califano, chairman and founder of the center and a former health secretary, remarked that the country is in the middle of an epidemic of controlled prescription drug abuse and addiction.

It was further remarked by Califano that the abuse of prescription opioids among teenagers has risen by as much as 542 percent and the explosion in prescription has brought a greater temptation and threat than the illegal street drug dealer.

It is sad to note that controlled drugs were implicated in approximately 30 percent of drug-related emergency room deaths in the year 2002 alone. Law enforcement officials around the country have been staging a lone battle against prescription drug abuse, especially against pain killers.

Tuesday 27, Oct 2009

  Diamond “hints” Gosselaar was on steroids

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Diamond hints Gosselaar was on steroidsIn a surprising revelation, actor Dustin Diamond has “hinted” that his former “Saved by the Bell” co-star Mark-Paul Gosselaar made use of steroids for beefing up his physique during his stint on the hit show of the 1990s.

In his tell-all memoir, Diamond spills exclusive details about off-screen sexual relationships between the high school actors, alleged drug abuse, and hard partying ways.

This latest news has once again highlighted the fact that being on the list of celebrities and using steroids is often interlinked. It is believed by some that the spills of Diamond are likely to affect lives of many celebrities, including his many co-stars.

Tuesday 28, Apr 2009

  Steroid Abuse Causes Psychological Disorders

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Steroid Abuse Causes Psychological DisordersSteroid dependency caused several psychiatric disorders; this is what the new study has revealed. According to Professor Harrison G. Pope of Harvard Medical School, disorders relating to conduct and image are linked to steroid addiction or dependency. These results were achieved after interviewing and examining the medical histories of 134 weight lifters, which were grouped into three – non-steroid users, steroid users that has no dependency and steroid users that had developed addiction..

Body image and conduct disorders are respectively the juvenile versions of anti-social disorder and obsession to body size and appearance. Pope said that even steroid dependency is a new scenario in drug abuse; researches should totally reveal the disadvantages of using steroids. He added that science has just started finding answers to the long-term hazards of steroids.

According to Pope, there are some wrong notions about steroids, particularly the belief on developing prostate cancer. He said that steroid users are not prone to develop this type cancer but rather increase the chance of having cardiac diseases and mood disorder. He stated that some effects maybe reversible once steroid is stopped.

There are no conclusions yet on this study, but Pope believes that having more researches on this issue is the essential in order to dig deeper on the continuous issue of steroids.

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