Team Sky Rider To Face Anti-Doping Hearing

Jonathan Tiernan-Locke, the British professional road racing cyclist who rides for UCI ProTeam Team Sky, is facing disciplinary proceedings after an anti-doping violation was shown by analysis of his biological passport. The cyclist pulled out of the 2013 World Championships in September after he was asked by the International Cycling Union (UCI) to explain his results.

Meanwhile, Team Sky has reiterated its stance that the readings were taken before he signed with the team in 2012 and Jonathan Tiernan-Locke denies any wrongdoing. A statement from the Devon-based rider’s management company said Tiernan-Locke vehemently denies the charges brought against him and has informed the UCI that he fully intends to contest them.

Team Sky, in a separate statement, said we understand that the violation was highlighted by an anomaly in his biological passport, in a reading taken before he signed for this team. Team Sky added that there are no doubts about his approach or performance in Team Sky and this is a team that trains, races, and wins clean. It went on to add that Jonathan Tiernan-Locke will not ride for Team Sky or take part in any team activities – including training camps and all team duties – until a decision is made in this disciplinary hearing process.

In a confirmatory statement, the UCI said it has requested his National Federation (British Cycling) to initiate disciplinary proceedings in compliance with the UCI Anti-Doping Rules. A British Cycling spokesman remarked that British Cycling can confirm that it has been asked by the UCI to begin proceedings against Jonathan Tiernan-Locke based on an analysis of his biological passport. The spokesman added those proceedings will be managed independently of British Cycling by UK Anti-Doping as with any other doping violation charge.

In a statement, UK Anti-Doping director of legal Graham Arthur said we are progressing on a case relating to a possible anti-doping rule violation and the matter is subject to confidentiality restrictions imposed by the anti-doping rules, and as such we are unable to comment further.

Jonathan Tiernan-Locke raced for Endura Racing in the 2012 season and claimed overall wins in the Tour Mediterranean, Tour du Haut Var, and Tour Alsace and became the first British rider since 1993 to win the Tour of Britain in September of 2012.

Endura team manager Brian Smith extended his support for the cyclist and said Jonathan Tiernan-Locke is not a doper and Endura racing was a no doping stance and as far as he is concerned Tiernan-Locke was true to his word. He went on to add that the cyclist throughout the Tour of Britain was urine tested every day and a blood booster would have shown up, so it doesn’t make sense.

In the past, UCI president Brian Cookson, remarking on this case, had said he is concerned that it’s leaked out because he doesn’t think this information should be in the public domain while someone is being questioned and that’s not the same at all as them being guilty and let’s see what happens.

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