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Monday 13, Apr 2009


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FANS SEE A-ROD AS ROLE MODEL; SHOCKED WITH STEROID USEFebruary 7 was the day that changed baseball history when Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez admitted that he used steroids in 2001-2003 while playing for the Texas Rangers. This left many fans, supporters and even those in the MLB dumbfounded. They had high hopes for A-Rod, who was predicted to surpass Barry Bonds’ home run record. However, when he was named one of the 104 MLB players tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, his baseball career is looking rather dim.

College fans that looked up to him as one of the most admired baseball heroes were disappointed and shocked. They could not believe that he was capable of cheating because he seemed to be one of the model players fit to be emulated.

For the fans, the players are no longer very believable when they say that they are not taking any performance enhancing drugs. It can be said that they have become disillusioned and some would definitely find it difficult to accept that the icons they used to see playing on the field would lie or cheat. There are 103 more names to be revealed. The fans will just have to brace themselves for more shocking news.

Monday 06, Apr 2009


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MLB SHOULD GET SERIOUS ON DEALING WITH STEROIDSThere’s too much steroid talk going around that the fans are worn out and gagging every time the word “steroids” is being mentioned on TV, the newspapers, radio, the internet, everywhere. It has become so tiring and they are clamoring to have the old ball game back. The past months had educated them of the different kinds of steroids and seen their favorite players being dragged to court or having to admit their shameful deed in public. Enough is enough.

The MLB better do something the players who got involved with the controversy on performance enhancing drugs. By now the new policies that have been drafted should getting implemented. The penalty for steroid users now: First offense – 50 game suspension, Second offense – 100 game suspension and a lifetime ban on the third offense.

MLB should stop being lenient and learn to apply more authority on the teams. Some do get away with their misbehaving and the officers should get their attention by imposing more severe penalties. They can change the commissioner, test the players regularly, parade all dope users in public, but unless they do something to make them learn their lesson, controversies like the ones on steroids will never end.

Saturday 04, Apr 2009


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SURVEY SHOWS BALLGAMES TOO EXPENSIVE FOR FANSFans are singing a different tune as tickets for watching a ballgame soars high. This is now the main concern of fans after a survey was conducted on March 26-29 by the Associated Press-Knowledge Networks. Survey results reflected that other concerns of fans were players getting into steroids and their salaries. As the opening day looms, fans are concerned that the recession has affected their disposable income and they may not be able to afford the cost of the tickets. And it’s not just the tickets. Concession stands and parking lots have increased their rates too. Even souvenirs like t-shirts cost $55 a piece.

Some of the fans express their disappointment over the fact that players are earning millions despite the recession that the country is going through. Salaries of players like Texeira and Sabathia have signing bonuses of $180 million and $161 million respectively are also becoming so too much. Other fans are still enraged over major league players getting into steroids. Some say that they shouldn’t be recognized or given a chance to the Hall of Fame regardless of their baseball statistics.