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Thursday 09, Jun 2011

  Couto suspended for nandrolone use

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Couto suspended for nandrolone useLazio and Portugal defender, Fernando Couto, has been banned by Italian football bosses following his positive test for nandrolone.

The Portuguese international was suspended by the Italian Football Association with immediate effect.

Couto tested positive for the banned anabolic steroid after a Serie A game against Fiorentina.

Friday 06, May 2011

  Portuguese and Dutch aces face drug ban agony

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Portuguese and Dutch aces face drug ban agonyThree leading international footballers face missing the 2002 World Cup because of positive drug tests.

There would be no leniency for Edgar Davids and Frank de Boer, of Holland, and Fernando Couto, the captain of Portugal, who started 12 month bans in June for testing positive for nandrolone, the controversial anabolic steroid, according to FIFA.

The blame for their positive tests was placed on legal food supplements that are claimed of producing precursors of nandrolone in the bodies of competitors when combined with intensive exercises.