bass fishing steroidsWe at isteroids decided to do an investigative article about fisherman and professional bass champions using steroids.

It turned out no one gives a damn about bass fisherman using steroids, or where they buy steroids , why? Congress ignored our calls like they have better things to do! let’s face it, this is BASS FISHING a TRULY American sport, just as Aunt Bee would like it. We send soldiers to other countries to defend our right to bass fish, the freedom to do so, but we ignore steroids in bass fishing?

After extensive discussions with withe FBI we decided that on the next professional bass fishing tour, we will send a CIA U2 spy plane over bass fishing waters to check if those bastard bass fisherman are injecting testosterone!

Fyi, this is just a joke skit, but it’s just about as smart as the baseball investigations…

Just a note, I have amazing respect for the FBI and what they do, and I feel bad for them having to investigate bullshit steroids cases instead of concentrating on protecting Americans in USA from terrorists and other HUGE domestic problems.  The truth is that steroids in baseball and any other sports should have NOTHING to do with the government.  Let the sports organizations handle the sports and the government handle the government!