Mayweather Sr. says, steroids or no steroids, Pacquiao can’t beat Li’l FloydWorld-renowned trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. is currently helping his son train for his fight on Saturday. During a recent interview with the Grand Rapids Press, the trainer made some over-the top comments about pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao’s use of steroids.

He believes that many boxers are on supplements and steroids and one of them is Pacquiao. Check-ups and drug testing should be done thoroughly to prevent any boxer from getting away with steroids use. Sometimes, people who are aware of the situation choose not to speak out, added the senior trainer.

As with Pacquiao’s performance, he believes that steroids and supplements are the main reason for his success.

According to him, steroids would make any athlete stronger and relentless but not exactly fast. Furthermore, it would never be a substitute for intelligence and strategy inside the ring.

In his opinion, the Filipino champion fighter does not have enough talent to beat his son, Floyd Mayweather Jr. He said Pacquiao lacks the skill to defeat his “Li’l Floyd”, whether with the help or steroids or not.

Mayweather Sr. was clearly unimpressed with whatever the Filipino boxing champion has achieved.