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Saturday 23, Jun 2012

  Disqualification for Frusher

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Following advice from Racing Analytical Services Laboratory, the Stewards of Greyhound Racing Victoria conducted an investigation into urine sample results taken from the greyhound Breckenridge at the Ballarat GRC meeting held on 30th November, 2011.

Greyhound Racing Victoria released details of the positive swab inquiry that pointed to an anabolic steroid that stems from last years Ballarat Cup heats in November 2011, over six months ago.

RADB found Mr. Jeffery Frusher guilty as charged and his license was disqualified for a period of 9 months (with 3 months of this period suspended for 12 months pending no further breaches under GAR83).

Monday 26, Mar 2012

  Disqualification for Liz Chegia

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Greyhound Racing South Australia Stewards completed an inquiry on 22 February 2012 into the circumstances relating to the obtaining of the positive urine sample.

The positive sample belonged to the greyhound Man Of Honour at the Greyhound Racing SA meeting held at Gawler on Sunday 11th December 2011.

Man Of Honour tested positive to the banned anabolic steroid Boldenone.

Sunday 09, Nov 2008

  Use of steroids on dogs now illegal in Tucson

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Greyhound racing is a popular form of entertainment in many countries, and in several countries this sport is a form of gambling. The United States, Australia, the Untied Kingdom, and Ireland are some of the countries in which greyhound racing is a popular form of legalized gambling.

Greyhounds are considered to be the fastest breed of dog, and thus they are bred primarily for coursing and racing games. The agility and speed of this breed of dog is attributed to its long, powerful legs, and aerodynamic build.

Anabolic steroids are also used in another form of dog contest known as dogfighting. This blood sport is outlawed in most countries, but it still is prevalent as an underground form of gambling.

The pit bull terrier is the commonly preferred breed in dog fighting scene since this breed is known for its high prey drive – aggression towards animals like rabbits, cats, and fowls. Further, pit bulls are generally dog-aggressive.

Breeders often use anabolic steroids to bulk up their dogs and to increase their aggression during the contest, which usually takes an hour to two hours in length.

Dogfights end when one of the dogs will not or cannot continue because of injuries sustained. According to the Humane Society of the United States, dogs used in these events often die of blood loss, shock, dehydration, exhaustion, or infection hours or even days after the fight.