List of controlled drugs in UK to be added as recommended by the ACMD  Recently, a 21-year old med student died after taking a drug known as GBL. According to her mother, the campaign launched by the home secretary was inadequate. According to Mary Stewart, if only tougher legislations were implemented, her daughter would still have been with her.

The campaign involves information dissemination including advertising about these so called “legal highs”. Ads will be placed in clubs, student websites, and music magazines.

According to Alan Johnson, there is a certain misconception that just because a substance is legal, it is safe to consume. This misconception claimed at least four people’s lives for the past 18 moths.

Johnson would want to educate young people about the drugs that they are taking and its deadly effects when mixed with alcohol and taken in higher amounts.

These “legal drugs” will soon to be illegal by the end of the year. GBL (gammabutyrolactone), a chemical solvent’ synthetic cannabinoids like “Spice” and the synthetic stimulant BZP will soon be re-classified as Class C drugs.

Furthermore, 24 anabolic steroids with steroid-like effects and 2 growth promoters will also be added to the list of controlled substances classified as Class C drugs.