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Thursday 06, Oct 2011

  County Durham handler faces horse welfare inquiry

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Howard Johnson, top County Durham handler, could be fighting for his training career when he would be answering questions on serious charges at a British Horseracing Authority inquiry.

The top trainer is in London for the hearing after he admitted to running a horse that had undergone a palmar neurectomy whilst under his care.

The County Durham handler is represented by solicitor Rory Mac Niece and the BHA by Graeme McPherson QC.

Tuesday 30, Aug 2011

  Johnson retires after receiving ban

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Johnson retires after receiving banTrainer Howard Johnson has retired from the horse training ranks after the British Horse Association (BHA) handed a four-year ban to him.

The career of Johnson has spanned a quarter of a century and he was given three charges relating to the ‘de-nerving’ of chaser Striking Article, and six concerning the administering of anabolic steroids to three other horses.

“I knew from day one, when I went down there, I said to my lawyer, ‘We’ve got no chance here.’ “They make their own rules – it’s a bloody kangaroo court.”

Thursday 25, Aug 2011

  Vets need support from rulers of racing

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Vets need support from rulers of racingHoward Johnson‘s training career will conclude on Friday primarily due to his own gross stupidity.

However, the legacy of Johnson to racing has a smell of foul practice and another big stick for the sport’s opponents to use against it.

The British Horseracing Authority is expected to react by introducing a program of random post-mortems.