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Thursday 05, Feb 2009


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suffolk-va-police-officer-badge-patch-steroidsLast Saturday, Officer Steven H. Lepre, a 13-year veteran of the Suffolk Police Department, was arrested and charged of illegal possession of anabolic  steroids with the intention to sell the performance enhancing drugs. Before the arrest, he was on sick leave and was under investigation by the internal affairs bureau and narcotics sections of the said police department.

There is still a lack of information on why Lepre was in sick leave, what his health condition is and why he had the steroids in the first place. Lepre pleaded not guilty in front of the First District Court and is currently out on a bail of $2,500. He has been suspended from his position and wouldn’t be receiving any time soon.

Lepre held the position of “Cop of the Month” in 1998 after his excellent service. He has helped several members of the community during his service

Wednesday 28, Jan 2009


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underground-steroidRyan Shooltz, a 25-year old ex-steroid dealer, was given a chance to resubmit letters of support for his cause. He is hoping that U.S District Judge Michael Ponsor would give him a lighter sentence in consideration of his changed lifestyle since an incident indicting him several years ago. In 2004, one of Shooltz’s friends died of methadone overdose in the defendant’s Amherst apartment. They had to call in police at that and the officers found several doses of anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, vitamins and unknown pills in the scene of the crime. Since then, it was considered that Shooltz and his friends were planning to distribute the drugs illegally.

Shooltz pleaded guilty last October but is hoping that Ponsor would also look at the fact that he has reinvented himself since the incident. He has a lucrative job as a salesman, his own apartment and even a long-term girlfriend. At present, Ponsor is considering to give him a sentence of 6 months in community confinement and the judge also noted that Lesser has not submitted letters of support for Shooltz. Thomas Lesser of the defense said that he didn’t think it was needed. Even if Ponsor admitted to rarely giving second chances to gather support for defendants, he told defense to compile as much for Shooltz’s hearing so that he can review the files before the sentencing on late February.

Tuesday 13, Jan 2009


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medline-steroidsA few years back, the Connecticut branch of the FBI Healthcare Fraud Unit started Operation Phony Pharm aimed to investigate web site and individuals who sell prescription anabolic steroids over the internet without having the license to do so. The operation managed to identify different UG Labs in the United States. These so-called laboratories import raw materials from other countries and use these to manufacture drugs that are otherwise difficult to obtain locally.

Among those identified is Medline Pharmaceuticals, which imported raw steroid powder from China and manufactured oral and injectable steroids. These were then sold over the internet. The three men behind this were Edwin Porter, Tyler Lunn, and Matthew Peltz.

All three had pleaded guilty, and Lunn and Porter had received their sentences last year. After two years of waiting, Peltz has now also received his due punishment.

From AZCentral.com:

A federal judge in Connecticut has sentenced a Chandler man to a year in prison for distributing anabolic steroids over the Internet.

Peltz was sentenced by a judge in New Haven on Thursday. His co-defendants were sentenced last year.