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Tuesday 26, Oct 2010

  AFL drugs policy should guard the sick

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AFL drugs policy should guard the sickThe illicit drugs policy of AFL, which was introduced in 2005, stressed upon the confidentiality factor to avoid risking the health and rehabilitation chances of a player. However, it failed to serve its vision after Travis Tuck of Hawthorn was named, fined and suspended.

Tuck was not a drug addict but using drugs for treating a mental health issue and feels betrayed by a policy that was contrived and compromised from birth.

After the incident, there have been endless calls to change the illicit drugs policy of the AFL on an immediate basis.

Thursday 30, Sep 2010

  Sick must be protected by AFL drugs code

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Sick must be protected by AFL drugs codeThe illicit drugs policy introduced by the AFL in 2005 emphasized upon confidentiality for avoiding the risk of endangering a player’s health and affected  chances of rehabilitation but it failed to deliver its core objective after Hawthorn’s Travis Tuck was named, fined and suspended.

Tuck was not addicted to drugs but had a mental health issue and will possibly be left betrayed by a policy that was contrived and compromised from birth.

The undiluted arrogance of AFL has surely betrayed Tuck and there are calls to change the illicit drugs policy of the league on an immediate basis.

Wednesday 26, Aug 2009

  Abuse of Ritalin on a rise among teenagers

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Abuse of Ritalin on a rise among teenagersRitalin has emerged as the obvious choice of a huge majority of sleep-deprived teenagers who are struggling to make the grade.

Undergraduates, as well as high school SAT-takers, are turning to prescription stimulants for boosting the levels of concentration to stay ahead of competition without feeling the heat of burning the oil in night.

According to a study by the University of Michigan Substance Abuse Research Center, it was found that ten percent of college students tend to use stimulants on an illegal basis at some point in their college years.

From News-Medical.Net:

“Most students who use their friend’s stimulants do it to improve performance,” said Scott Teitelbaum, M.D., medical director of the Florida Recovery Center at UF. “It’s like athletes taking steroids – the idea that you can study better, harder, longer, as if you were hitting a ball farther.”

But the pills won’t make up for a semester of slacking off, said Teitelbaum.

“When you look at the students that use illicit (stimulants), their performance at school is worse,” Teitelbaum said. “And that’s probably because the need to use the drug reflects them being behind, and needing to cram and catch up.”

Ritalin revs up the central nervous system, creating feelings of alertness that fall somewhere between those produced by caffeine and cocaine.

“If you look at Ritalin structurally, it’s the closest relative to cocaine,” said Teitelbaum. “I think it depends on the dose one is taking, and why they’re taking it. Some people take stimulants solely for the effect on concentration. Other people are taking it for the buzz.”

Pharmaceutical abuse is on the rise among teens, surpassing the combined rates of crack/cocaine, Ecstasy, heroin and methamphetamine abuse, according to the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. Experts predict the trend will continue because the pills are inexpensive and widely available.

“Unlike cocaine, you can get Ritalin very cheaply from your friends because all they need is their co-pay,” Teitelbaum said. “There’s a great availability.”

From the above conclusions, it can be easily found out that usage of illicit drugs is still on a rampant rise despite the United States government trying its best to eradicate drugs.

Monday 15, Dec 2008

  Canadian police seized steroids, other illicit drugs

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seized steroidsAuthorities in a suburb north of Montreal report that “they have made one of the largest seizures ever of anabolic steroids in Canada”, according to Canoe News.

Police reported that most of the 410,000 doses seized at a home was anabolic steroids. Other illicit compounds were also discovered including breast cancer drugs, counterfeit Viagra and Cialis as well as methamphetamines and marijuana.

The suspect is a 38-year-old man from Ste-Therese, Quebec. He is now facing numerous charges including drug possession and trafficking.

The drugs’ destinations are believed to be gyms and fitness centers in the area.

Viagra and Cialis are impotence drugs and are known to be popular among bodybuilders to revive sexual drive after steroid cycles. Use of steroids can inhibit the natural production of androgens, leading to depressed hormonal levels after intake of these anabolic compounds. Men may experience erection problems because of this.

Viagra is also used as pre-contest drug in bodybuilding circles.