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Thursday 17, Mar 2011

  Drug cheats kicked out for drug usage

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Drug cheats kicked out for drug usageFive weightlifters were expelled from the Olympics for failing to clear drug tests, with the authorities bracing themselves for more bans to follow.

Earlier, the International Weightlifting Federation suspended two more weightlifters who failed out-of-competition drugs tests.

Ajan told reporters, “The problem of doping spreads beyond weightlifting and can be centred around some foreign coaches who will go to different countries in order to make model competitors.”

Saturday 12, Jul 2008

  Greek weightlifting team to compete in Beijing despite steroid scandal

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greece-steroidsThe International Weightlifting Federation has announced that the Greek team is allowed to compete at the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. This in the light of the recent suspension of 11 members of the 14-man national team due to steroid use.

The 11 athletes tested positive for the steroid methyltrienolone during a March out-of-competition test in Athens. The results were made public in April. All the 11 unnamed athletes have been suspended for two years.

The IWF said that the country could send representatives in the sport – three men and a woman – to the Olympics in August. The decision was reached by its board.

In addition, IWF said the Greek weightlifting federation has since been fined reportedly in the amount of 250,000 euros (C$395,000).
In May, a Greek prosecutor filed misdemeanour charges against the 11 athletes, Olympic weightlifting coach Christos Iakovou and 13 others.

Iakovou, 60, is one of Greece’s most notable coaches. Through his coaching abilities, the country has won 12 Olympic medals, which include five gold. He is in suspension since the steroid scandal hit headlines.

The coach denied that he provided his athletes with the steroid, blaming a faulty batch of Chinese diet supplements.

Ten of the 11 accused athletes have supported their coach’s claim. A female athlete, on the other hand, plans to take the legal course against anyone found guilty for giving her steroids, allegedly with her in the dark.

This is not the first case wherein this steroid has figured in a doping scandal. At the height of the above steroid controversy, an English-language newspaper in Greece has reported that methyltrienolone killed 200 bodybuilders back in the 1960s. This claim, however, has been considered “preposterous” and “ludicrous” by many steroid experts.

Methlytrienolone is one of the most potent steroids around. Patrick Arnold, the now infamous BALCO chemist, has confirmed that a number of athletes used this steroid during the 1990s and dodged detection. According to Arnold, this is because methyltrienolone can provide impressive performance enhancing effects even in minute quantities.