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Tuesday 24, Feb 2009


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iowa-man-found-with-several-performance-enhancing-drugsThe Iowa City Police department recently raided a house in S. Johnson street after receiving criminal complaints against the resident, Salomon Aragon, Jr. Police reported that Aragon, a 22-year old, was found smoking marijuana, an illegal substance. After the report, a warrant was made in order to search the residence. Aragon did not hesitate in letting the police into his house to do the search. What they found was an astounding collection of prescription drugs that Aragon did not have any reason to be possessing. Further details on why Aragon had these are still unknown.

Most of the drugs seized are used in the medical world although one would need a prescription in order to obtain them legally. Tamoxifen is a selective estrogen receptor modulator used as an anti-cancer. Clomiphene is used to treat infertility in females. So why would Aragon have these? The steroids seized are also all used as performance enhancing drugs in the world of bodybuilding and sports. Among the bunch are anabolic androgenic steroids such as testosterone, clomiphene, stanozolol and oxandrolone. Aragon was easy to post bail after he was arrested and charged of several counts of illegal possession of prescription drugs, of controlled substances and violation of the Iowa Drug Tax Stamp. After he posted bond, he can’t be found or reached to for interview on the issue.

Saturday 17, Jan 2009


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youth-steroidsMost parents would find it disturbing when they find out that they kids are smoking tobacco, drinking alcoholic beverages, using illegal drugs, and even using performance enhancing drugs. In most cases, the community depends on parents of athletes to be responsible for any  steroid use in sports by their children. Not only does reprimanding the young on steroid use teach them about their responsibility in working hard to improve their performance but it also helps them maintain clean and high quality health practices. Apparently, this is not the case for a father in Gilbertville, Iowa.

The teenage boy was found out after he assaulted his own mother at her residence last November 19. Investigations on the 14-year old started after that. Local Gilbertville police found several prescription steroids in the boy’s bedroom— a syringe and 105 pills.

According to his court statement, the boy claimed that his father provided his supply of pills and gave him the steroids one time during his weekend visit. Instead of denying the issue, the father admitted to giving his son the needle and pills that were found. To make the evidence stronger, a local drug test from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation revealed that the pills the father gave his son were anabolic steroids. Officials fail to release what specific type of steroids these were though.