Just when Mark McGwire thought that keeping quiet would keep him out of the hot seat, his younger brother, Jay McGwire, starts going around to sell a book proposal to major publishing houses. Jay wrote a proposal for a book entitled, “The McGwire Family Secret”. In the proposal, he wrote that he was the one who introduced Mark to the world of anabolic steroids. Jay used his $150,000 insurance money to buy performance enhancing drugs. After winning a bodybuilding contest in May 1994, he introduced Mark to a steroid dealer who explained everything about the drug to the athlete.

Apparently, Jay is not doing this to increase his popularity. The younger McGwire believes that his brother wouldn’t have to live his current socially isolated life if he would just admit and apologize just like other baseball players did. With the proposal content now public, what Jose Canseco previously claimed is affirmed. Canseco wrote in his book that he injected Mark with steroids in the bathrooms of where they played. This seems to be what really had happened.