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Wednesday 13, Oct 2010

  Steroids are overrated, says Jose Canseco

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Steroids are overrated, says Jose CansecoJose Canseco has always maintained that there has been too much of a hype surrounding the use of anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs by professional sportsmen.

The whistleblower who exposed use of steroids in MLB with his book, “Juiced“, said that anabolic steroids are overrated.

Canseco wrote that players such as Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa, and Juan Gonzalez should be inducted in the Hall of Fame because they would have performed great and arguably some of the greatest players the game has ever seen.

Monday 11, Oct 2010

  Linda McMahon’s senate bid for the ultimate steroid test

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Linda McMahon's senate bid for the ultimate steroid testFans and media have engaged in an anguished debate about drugs in sports ever since Barry Bonds entered a San Francisco courthouse for testifying about the substances that had inflated his body and batting statistics.

The world of baseball is all full of speculations whether Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, two of the best hitter and pitchers of their eras, will be excluded by the Hall of Fame voters due to evidence that they made use of steroids and performance enhancing drugs.

The fact that users of anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs such as Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been considered good enough by the general public to be governors may offer respite to Linda McMahon to pursue her grand ambitions without worries.

Tuesday 17, Aug 2010

  Mark McGwire adamant talking about steroids and A-Rod

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Mark McGwire adamant talking about steroids and A-RodMark McGwire, the Cardinals’ hitting coach, said in the visiting dugout at Citi Field that he has moved on from the steroid era and is no longer interested in answering questions related to steroids or from where he got them during his major league career spanning 16 seasons. McGwire also said that he would not be judging Alex Rodriguez in his quest for 600 home runs.

It is worth noting here that McGwire came clean about his long-time use of steroids during a televised interview with Bob Costas in January.

After McGwire came clean, he was welcomed back into the Cardinals’ fold in downtown St. Louis during a fan fest.

Wednesday 11, Aug 2010

  David Segui testifies before jury investigation perjury case of Roger Clemens

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David Segui testifies before jury investigation perjury case of Roger ClemensDavid Segui became the latest former major leaguer to testify before the federal grand jury, which is investigating Roger Clemens for perjury.

Segui declined when asked to discuss his testimony before the media while leaving the room of grand jury on the third floor of the federal courthouse in the shadow of the Capitol.

Clemens’ former trainer Brian McNamee said before former Sen. George Mitchell that he injected steroids and HGH at least 16 times to the seven-time Cy Young Award winner, which was vehemently denied by Clemens.

Wednesday 28, Jul 2010

  Jose Canseco could be the wild card in perjury investigations

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Jose Canseco could be the wild card in perjury investigationsBrian McNamee, the former trainer of Roger Clemens, said that a June 1998 barbeque at Jose Canseco’s house was one of the most pivotal moments in baseball career of Clemens as this was the time and place when he plunged deeper into use of steroids.

However, Canseco has been saying for two years that Clemens didn’t attended the shindig at his home in South Florida, which cast doubt on Clemens’s credibility and raising questions about the Mitchell Report on baseball and steroids.

It is worth noting here that Jose Canseco has never been sued for the allegations in this book and its follow-up version, “Vindicated“.

Wednesday 11, Nov 2009

  Canseco does not want to talk about steroids past

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Canseco does not want to talk about steroids pastFormer Major League Baseball Most Valuable Player Jose Canseco was at the 350 Grill in Springfield to promote the fight between him and Pittsfield resident Todd Poulton at the Springfield Sheraton. Celebrity Boxing organized the fight.

After the preliminary introductions of seven fighters, one trainer and one promoter, Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman opened the floor for questions.

Canseco was not at all thrilled with the first question asked, which had something to do with his former steroids use. He was asked how he advises his son, Christian against using steroids.

According to Canseco, he simply tells his son not to do it. After leaving baseball, Canseco turned to boxing and mixed martial arts.

His recent MMA fights include a fight with a Japanese professional but he lost in less than two minutes, a lost fight with former Philadelphia Eagle Vai Sikahema and a draw with former child actor Danny Bonaduce.

He was quite disappointed that the questions focused more on his steroids use rather than his career as a boxer or his preparations for the fight.

Canseco wrote two books about steroids and did a documentary about his life on his steroids abuse.

Wednesday 15, Apr 2009


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RAMIREZ CLOSES STEROID STORYOn April 6 Jose Canseco released some controversial statements implying that Manny Ramirez is using steroids. He was at Bovard Auditorium at the USC talking about his book Juiced where he revealed the names of baseball icons who were allegedly using steroids. No one had dared to believe him because they thought that he was just trying to make some noise now that his career is on a decline. But in February A-Rod came out and admitted that he was using steroids. He was one of those Canseco named to be on PEDs along with several others.

In Bovard, Canseco drops another line that he is 90% sure that Manny Ramirez is using steroids. He asked leading questions like why Ramirez did not get a long-term deal or why are the owners hesitant to hire him. That could raise some speculations in the media.

When Ramirez was asked to comment he just gave a shrug and did not comment.

It seems that this time the media is relieved that Ramirez didn’t say anything else to blow the situation out of proportions. With that one word he closed the issue. At the very least, now that the season has started everyone can focus on baseball and start putting steroids behind.

Thursday 09, Apr 2009


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JOSE CANSECO TALKS ABOUT HIS BOOK, JUICEDOpening day of this season’s Major League Baseball last Sunday and Jose Canseco takes the stage at the Bovard Auditorium at the USC. The former batter wrote the controversial book, Juiced, where he revealed that a majority of MLB players are taking steroids. He himself admitted to using hormones that plummeted him to infamy, but not without taking several names down with him. He included the names Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Ivan Rodriguez, and Juan Gonzalez.

To his audience in Bovard, he says he continues to use testosterone. Except in 1998 when depression made him get off steroids for a while. He played for Toronto where he was able to hit 46 home runs. He could’ve quit then but the lure of steroids was just too difficult to resist.

The audience were curious about Alex Rodriguez if he was going to suffer the same fate as Canseco did. But the latter said that A-Rod was not very honest about using steroids. Sure, he admitted to using them but there is still something that he is not telling. When his name was leaked to the press as one of those who tested positive, it made the people curious to know who were the rest. Manny Ramirez most likely occupies the top of the list for steroids use, according to Canseco. He disclaims that all these were just suspicions but he is pretty sure his theory is correct.

Monday 16, Mar 2009


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MCGWIRE KEEPS MUM OVER STEROIDSRetired baseball slugger Mark McGwire, had rarely been seen in public or made any comment since he appeared at a Congressional hearing on steroids. Recently however he agrees to an interview with the New York Times as long as it doesn’t touch on the easy about the allegations that he had been using performance enhancing drugs.

Since his retirement in 2001 he retreated to a more private life. The more he did so when Jose Canseco’s book linked him to steroid use. When he was asked he neither denied nor confirmed it saying he was not going to talk about the past.

McGwire has expressed his interest in coaching in the Major Leagues. He almost had a chance to attend the spring training in 2008 in lieu of Tony La Russa, his former manager. But there had been a family situation that he had to attend to. He is currently the hitting instructor for Holliday and Crosby for the Oakland A’s and Schumaker and Duncan for the St. Louis Cardinals. He says he enjoys his time with the guys and talk to them about hitting which he seldom did while he was still playing.

Saturday 07, Mar 2009


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SELIG AND FEHR NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY ON STEROID SCANDALSThe Steroid Scandal in the Major League Baseball has reached new heights pushing 2 MLB Officials in front of the pack of who’s to blame despite their efforts to remain out of the spotlight. Baseball superstars like McGwire, Sosa and now A-Rod have taken the heat for MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and Donald Fehr Executive Director for MLB Players Association.

Rumors have spread in the 1980s that Major League players have been on steroids. A rookie on the 1988 Oakland A’s leaked that player Jose Canseco was on the drug which was later confirmed. Fehr and Selig had appeared before the congress stating they had no knowledge of PEDs being used in the MLB. But both had been with the MLB in the 80’s and the early 90s respectively and can no longer deny that they knew players have been pumping themselves with steroids to get ahead in the game. Had they been turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to an issue that had only escalated when Alex Rodriguez confessed to using them in 2001 through 2003?

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