steroid-use-in-sumo-wrestlingIn a country that takes pride in every single detail that they do, the assault to one of its most revered sports‘ reputation is cause for panic. Having just recently been accused of fixed games, tax evasions, sex scandals, illegal gambling and consorting with the Yakuza (among other things), the Japanese are frantic to salvage whatever they can in response to the latest threat to Sumo wrestlers.

Performance enhancing drugs or steroids. Such drugs are unacceptable to the Japanese, especially when there’s a game. Not fair at all. In light of recent events (and accusations) it’s no wonder that less and less Japanese boys are eager to live their lives Sumo wrestling. Only one kid applied the previous year to join the Sumo world. At this rate, 2000 years of tradition is well on its way to extinction. And the Japanese can’t have that.

Money always fixes the problem. The lack of it will definitely set things straight. To explain, JSA has declared that Sumo wrestlers caught red-handed using any kind of performance enhancing drug will be stripped away of their retirement pay. Or a very large cut to their pay. And if they still don’t give a fig about their money or pension (which is really, very rare in Japan) then let’s hope the police will set them straight. The fun part is that they won’t even see it coming. Drug tests will be done announced so when you’re caught.

Hopefully just these two rules will be enough to fix this latest problem faced by the Sumo. It would be a shame to see this long-standing tradition fade away because of a couple of drugs. And shame is something that the Japanese doesn’t handle very well. Neither does the rest of the world, for that matter.