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Wednesday 20, Jul 2011

  Justin Gatlin back to winning ways

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Justin Gatlin back to winning waysSprinter Justin Gatlin recently won his 100-meter heat at the U.S. championships in 10.08 seconds after he was banned down for a period of four years to a second doping offense.

“No one is scared to run fast any more,” Gatlin said. “In 2004, ’05, ’06, there were guys in a race who were more of spectators. Now everyone wants a piece of the gold.”

“Even in 2004, I had a lot of people who cheered me on and people who doubted,” Gatlin said. “Now it’s just magnified.”

Saturday 09, Apr 2011

  Gatlin Makes Winning Return After Return

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Gatlin Makes Winning Return After ReturnJustin Gatlin, the Olympic champion, recently claimed victory in his first competition after a ban of four years for doping.

Mate J-Mee Samuels and Rubin Williams were 0.07 and 0.30secs behind respectively.

Gatlin was banned in 2006 after testing positive for excessive testosterone.

Thursday 31, Mar 2011

  Gatlin makes winning return after returning from doping ban

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Justin Gatlin, the former Olympic champion, recently claimed victory in his first competitive race following a four-year doping ban.

His compatriots J-Mee Samuels and Rubin Williams were 0.07 and 0.30secs further back, respectively.

Gatlin was banned in 2006 after testing positive for excessive testosterone.

Saturday 12, Feb 2011

  Justin Gatlin likely to be stripped of 100m record

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Justin Gatlin likely to be stripped of 100m record Justin Gatlin, the joint world 100m record holder and reigning Olympic sprint champion, recently put on a statement that he had tested positive for testosterone after a relay event in Kansas in April 2006.

Gatlin, in a remarkably prescient interview to the American magazine Sports Illustrated, said: “I understand what it would mean to track and field if I ever tested positive or went down in some scandal. Not to have an ego about it, but it might be the KO for our sport.”

The statement of Gatlin sent shockwaves through a sport that has grown wearily accustomed to drug scandals.

Friday 14, Jan 2011

  Justin Gatlin hopes to save his career

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Justin Gatlin hopes to save his careerIt has been many years since the joint world-record holder Justin Gatlin tested positive for testosterone but the athlete is now positive that his eight-year suspension will be reduced.

If Gatlin has his way, this could put the American authorities on a collision course with the world governing body, the International Association of Athletics Federations, which could overshadow preparations for Beijing.

Since the positive test, Gatlin has returned home to Florida, disassociated himself from Trevor Graham, who has coached nearly a dozen sprinters who have been involved in doping scandals.

Thursday 09, Dec 2010

  Justin Gatlin has hopes for London 2012

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Justin Gatlin has hopes for London 2012The 28-year-old American, Justin Gatlin, has said that he expects to compete at London 2012 Olympics after serving a doping ban of four years.

Gatlin will be participating in the 100m at a small track meet in Estonia and said it was his family that had given him the motivation to keep running.

Gatlin said he is “ready to be fast” when asked if he could run under 10 seconds.

Thursday 21, Oct 2010

  New obstacles ahead of Gatlin as suspension ends

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New obstacles ahead of Gatlin as suspension endsJustin Gatlin lamented his lost status among the world’s sprinting elite during much of the last four years. Gatlin appealed his penalty after testing positive for steroids and made serious efforts to reshape life as a fitness entrepreneur and aspiring professional football player.

With his suspension coming to an end, Gatlin hopes to compete by the end of this season. The 2004 Olympic champion and a former world-record holder in the 100 meters now faces limited competitive options and will have to seek only lower-tier invitational meets at the major European meets.

Gatlin and his former coach Trevor Graham blamed a massage therapist for the positive test and Graham has been suspended from track for life.

Wednesday 01, Apr 2009

  Justin Gatlin on his way back to track field

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Justin Gatlin on his way back to track fieldAfter the humiliating tag of a steroid smacker, Justin Gatlin was on his track. Facing a four-year ban after testing positive for steroid in April 2006, the 27-year-old sprinter is currently in the midst of the ban.

He said, “The track is home and this is where I belong.” About his steroid controversy, Gatlin told that he didn’t use steroids knowingly. He claimed that positive test was the result of a massage done with a steroid cream. The same claim was originally made by Gatlin’s former coach, Trevor Graham, who said that the sprinter was pulled aside for a massage moments before visiting doping control at the Kansas Relays.

It is to be reminded that Gatlin didn’t fight the penalty from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency in August of that year. Earlier, he faced an eight-year ban for testing positive at the University of Tennessee for amphetamines found in Adderall, an attention deficit disorder drug. But that ban was cut to four years because of his claim that the test occurred as a result of medicine he took for the disorder.

Whatever the reasons behind the whole episode, one thing happened and that was a long gap for Gatlin. His suspension ban will end in July 2010 and he just focusing on his return to the pinnacle of the track world.

Gatlin further added that he helped the federal BALCO investigation in late 2006, secretly taping phone calls with Graham and testifying against his trainer in 2007.

“And I just turned around and did that stuff,” he says. “If I used steroids, you think I would do that?”

Still, such excuses ring hollow with those in the track community.

Gatlin knows there is one way to change such perceptions: When his suspension ends in July 2010, he must return to the pinnacle of the track world. He knows he’ll be closely watched, tested frequently by USADA, eyed warily by competitors. But if he can run the blistering times of his youth, he believes he’ll validate his past claims of innocence and secure his track legacy.

Wednesday 25, Mar 2009


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JUSTIN GATLIN PREPARES FOR HIS COME BACK IN 2010Steroids use has become widespread in athletics when almost every sport seem to produce a player positive for performance enhancing drugs. After baseball, wrestling, cycling, football, now comes Justin Gatlin from track in field. Reports of his involvement with the banned substance is not anything new because he is serving his four year ban for testing positive for steroids. He is now preparing to continue on with his career next year after the ban is lifted.

Gatlin said that in 2006 he was tested positive without knowing that prior to the testing the cream that a masseuse had used on him contained steroids. Trevor Graham made this statement and this was corroborated by Gatlin.

However, there are still those in the tracks that doubt his claims. Gatlin has to go back to the top and prove that he isn’t cheating once he is reinstated in 2010. But all of these will be happening under the watchful eye of USADA.

Tuesday 22, Jul 2008

  Trevor Graham gets lifetime ban for steroids

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Trevor Graham steroidsHe used to be one of the most sought-after athletic coaches in the US. Now, Trevor Graham is banned from participating in any event sanctioned by several sports organizations – the US Olympic Committee,

International Association of Athletics Federation, USA Track and Field, and other groups affiliated with the World Anti-Doping Agency program.

On Tuesday, the former coach received the lifetime ban from the US Anti-Doping Agency for his participation in providing his athletes with steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.

“While drug use by athletes is a serious wrong to be addressed with stiff penalties, involvement in doping by a coach is even more reprehensible and must be dealt with through the most severe of all sanctions,” USADA CEO Travis Tygart said in a statement. “It is truly disgraceful when a coach uses his position to assist athletes under his care in doping.”

Graham is currently awaiting his sentencing in connection with his conviction of one count lying to federal investigators about his relationship to a steroid dealer. The steroid dealer, Angel “Memo” Heredia, has turned into prosecutor’s witness, who testified that he supplied steroids to several athletes through Graham. Heredia’s testimony led to the conviction of Graham in May. Graham is appealing his conviction.

Several of the athletes Trevor had trained included track superstars Marion Jones, Justin Gatlin, and Tim Montgomery.
Marion Jones is currently serving her six-month prison term for lying to authorities investigating her use of steroids. In October 2007, Jones admitted that she had used steroids before the Sydney Summer Olympics. Prior to her admission, she had continually and publicly denied her use of these banned substances.

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