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Thursday 22, Oct 2009

  Mr. Kennedy blogs about WWE release

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Mr. Kennedy blogs about WWE releaseKen Anderson, popularly known as Mr. Kennedy in the WWE, still continues to blog about his release in WWE due to his violation of the wellness policy.

He was best known in WWE for his skills on the microphone and he still does it, only this time in his blog entries. One of his entries was about a guide to nutritious eating. He preaches a diet consisting of hard-boiled eggs, beef jerky, water and “supplements”.

Most of the topic discussed in his blog has something to do with his departure in WWE and the referral to certain “supplements” was not an exception. This is in fact a reference to his defense regarding his suspension for violation of the policy. According to the grappler, he had his doctor to blame for giving him stuff he does not know.

Last week, his written entry was accompanied by a video, where he blamed himself for having been released from WWE. He cited his frequent controversial appearances in the media, where one time, he admitted taking steroids before joining WWE, but insisted that he stopped taking them afterwards.

Shortly after this appearance, he was suspended from WWE for a wellness policy violation.

Friday 23, Jan 2009


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kennedy-steroidsThe confusion on steroid use in professional wrestling never ceases. Apparently, Vince McMahon, the chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, released a statement saying that he personally asked all the wrestlers suspended from the Signature Pharmacy scandal back in August 2007 if they had bought anabolic steroids from the online pharmacy. According to McMahon, all the wrestlers admitted to buying although some didn’t even use the drugs. One of the wrestlers that underwent that thirty-day suspension was Kenneth C. Anderson also known as “Mr. Kennedy” in the ring.

Two months ago, Mr. Kennedy did an interview with Live Audio Wrestling and his statement basically contradicted what McMahon had initially said during his interview in front of the  U. S. Congress. According to Mr. Kennedy, he never bought from Signature Pharmacy and it was his doctor who purchased the drugs for him. He said that he chose to keep quiet about it since the media would most probably just misinterpret what he would say. When asked if he took steroids, Mr. Kennedy said that he didn’t during that time. The thing is there are still some evidences and inconsistencies with Mr. Kennedy’s statement, especially when you look closely at his other interviews.

In his most recent interview, Mr. Kennedy admits to being aware of the pressure newer wrestlers face to the extent that they have to take steroids. He even added that taking steroids is not really necessary and that they should try not to use these drugs.