operation_raw_deal-steroidsOperation Raw Deal started several years back and has been a cooperative effort of various countries include the United States, Australia, China, Canada and Thailand. The operation is headed by the Drug Enforcement Administration and aims to identify, arrest, and righteously sentence individuals who import, manufacture and distribute performance enhancing drugs illegally. The DEA also wants to identify certain individuals, such as those involved in sports, who use these drugs. Among those examined are anabolic steroids, human growth hormone and human chorionic gonadotropin. The undercover operation has revealed that most of the suppliers of raw materials come from China.

A couple in Pearland, Texas were among the first to be arrested as a result of Operation Raw Deal. Kenneth Hebert and Leticia Zamora were found to be operating a major pill mill wherein they manufacture steroids themselves then sell them through the internet. Over a million illegal steroids have been distributed by the couple. The two pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentence. Hebert and Zamora are among the hundreds of people arrested because of the undercover operation.