baseball-steroidsJust this week, Andrew Michael Bogdan revealed the story behind how he found out about steroid use in the Major Leagues. Bogdan was the FBI informant that led the agents to Kirk Radomski. Although indirectly, he played an important role in the formation of the Mitchell Report. Bogdan helped the FBI in exchange for some leniency in his real estate fraud case.

Larry Bigbie used to be a talented player of the Baltimore Orioles and of the St. Louis Cardinals. He was one of the young stars with lots of talent that even Ray King was traded in for him. Unfortunately, Bigbie always got stuck in the bench because of one injury or another. Back in his Orioles days, there was a locker room “hang-outer” also known as Mike Bogdan. Bogdan was a cool guy so he easily befriended the athletes. What they didn’t know was that even at that time, Bogdan was already working for the FBI. He was charged for real estate fraud but instead of serving his time in jail, he volunteered to be an informant to track down steroid dealers. It was easy to do so especially when he manages to befriend Bigbie. Bigbie eventually admitted to Bogdan that he took anabolic steroids and HGH. Bogdan ratted him out to the feds and even took a used syringed from his trash to serve as proof. This soon led to Radomski who had supplied Bigbie with the performance enhancing drugs. And so, Bigbie was soon forgotten and the Mitchell Report was born.