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Saturday 03, Dec 2011

  Steroid problem a thing of the past

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Bob Arum, top rank chief executive officer, defended world lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez for hiring nutritionist Angel Hernandez, who has admitted to being a steroid dealer in the past.

Hernandez admitted in May 2008 to a San Francisco court that he sold performance enhancing drugs to track stars, including former Olympian Marion Jones.

“The steroid problem is fading into the past,” Arum said.

Saturday 26, Nov 2011

  Marquez defends training with ex-steroid dealer

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The World lightweight champion, Juan Manuel Marquez, is defending his new strength and conditioning coach, Angel Hernandez, after reports came out revealing Hernandez’ shady past.

Hernandez was known as Angel Heredia and supplied performance enhancing drugs to Olympians, including Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery.

“If they want to do whatever doping or drug testing they want to do, Olympic-style, or whatever they want to do, I’ll do it. I’m prepared,” Marquez said.