anderson-steroidsBarry Bonds, a former San Francisco Giant, is facing charge of perjury and obstruction of justice in connection with a 2003 testimony he had released under oath. Although he admitted to using “the cream” and “the clear”, Bonds said that he didn’t know that they were performance enhancing drugs. Further investigations convinced agents that he was lying when an unnamed source identified a urine sample positive for anabolic steroids linked to Bonds.

In the middle of trying to prove his guilt, Bonds’ former trainer, Greg Anderson, is constantly being pressured by the court to testify against Bonds. Last Wednesday, Anderson’s mother-in-law’s home was raided and several documents showing that she owes several creditors a lot of money. Madeleine Gestas, the mother of Anderson’s wife, has been having trouble with her online banking business. Her lawyers believe that the raid was an attempt to force Anderson into being a federal witness in Bonds’ hearings.

If Anderson chooses not to show up, he would again be charged of contempt and possibly serve another year in prison. The trainer, however, still hasn’t shown signs that he will be testifying. Federal agents believe that with Anderson as a primary witness, it will be a lot easier finally convicting Bonds.